A Valentine's Day Love Letter to … My Apartment

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Lifestyle February 11, 2019

Dear Apartment,

Before you, I scoured around town searching for a place with that warm, fuzzy feeling – a place that felt like home. Then, I found you, my perfect match. The way the sunlight gracefully beams through your doors and onto your hardwood floors at sunset sends me into a trance every time I catch a glimpse. Your beauty amazes me, while your inviting ambiance captivates me time and time again. Because I don’t tell you enough, this Valentine’s Day, I want to let you know the 14 things I truly love about you and the community we are part of.

The moment I stepped into ♥ your open-concept floor plan ♥, it was love at first sight. The lack of walls and barriers allude the welcoming sensation of community and harmony. When it’s my turn to host Wine Night, my guests effortlessly flow from one space to the next without ever feeling trapped or separated from the crowd. Your bright and airy charm brings people together unlike any other. 

♥ Your 10-foot ceiling ♥ above my head is for more than keeping me dry on a rainy night. It’s a soaring space where I can store my dreams, thoughts and ideas. Although apartment living may feel snug at times, your towering walls exude a liberating spatial sensation unlike any other, effortlessly creating a beguiling open atmosphere. 

When I’m headed to your kitchen for another spoonful of cookie dough, my jaw drops at the sight of ♥ your subway tile backsplash ♥ gracefully illuminated by under-cabinet lighting. Your effortlessly refined flair adds an elegant element of casual luxury. 

Well-organized closet with hanging clothes

Gone are the days of stuffing phone chargers, spare change and an assortment of screwdrivers into the same drawer as my pajamas. You, my dear apartment, have ♥ all the extra storage space ♥ I need. My blender and pressure cooker are neatly tucked under your expansive kitchen counters, while my bedroom closet resembles something from a Marie Kondo-inspired Pinterest board. But the highlight of your storage capabilities is the spare closet, because where else would I hide that 6-foot teddy bear I’ve bought for my valentine?

With a high walkability score, you place me ♥ in the heart of the city ♥. Sure, there may be other apartments that are bigger and more modern, but no other apartment is within walking distance to all my favorite restaurants or two blocks away from the park where I can take my dog.

Man kissing dog

♥ You love my dog ♥ almost as much as I do. While other apartments weren’t as accommodating, you opened your doors and welcomed his four, furry paws.

Whether it’s raining, snowing or a perfect, sunny day, I can always count on ♥ having my trash picked up ♥ from my doorstep. Although it may seem small, this little sprinkle of valet luxury seems comparable to the experience of living in a Manhattan penthouse.

With a parcel locker service, I never worry about having to pick up my package from the leasing office (although your team is awesome and so friendly) or if a passerby will swipe it. You ensure ♥ my packages are always in the right hands ♥.

Goodbye street parking and hello ♥ reserved parking ♥. No matter what floor I live on, I know my car will enjoy the same VIP treatment as you afford me.

On bright, sunny days when the weather is hot, ♥ your sparkling saltwater pool ♥ beckons me. While lounging under a poolside teakwood cabana, it’s as if I’ve teleported to a posh resort on a tropical island. I can splash around without the fear of dry skin or burning eyes because the water is just as refreshing as my huge garden tub in my bathroom.

Runners on treadmills

You encourage me to achieve all my wellness goals. From a stair climber, a stationary bike, free weights and even a separate yoga room, you have ♥ everything I need for a workout ♥ that I can actually enjoy. Not to mention, I never have to pay for a gym membership again.

When my dishwasher leaks or my dryer no longer dries my clothing, you put my worries to ease. I never have to search for videos on how to fix my garbage disposal or hire a handyman to repair my air conditioning unit because you take care of it. Knowing that ♥ the maintenance team ♥ will be at my door within a day or two or three (depending on the severity of the issue) is one of the most comforting feelings in the world.

From a revitalizing morning shower to seamlessly washing the dishes, I will forever be grateful for ♥ your impeccable water pressure️ ♥.

In a previous life, I never received incoming phone calls in my apartment and, the off chance that one came through, it sounded as if I was riding on a train. Until I met you, I always undervalued the importance of finding an apartment with ♥ your quality cell phone reception ♥.  

The way the door squeaks ever so slightly, the tiny designs in the ceiling fan and all your other little “quirks” make me fall in love with you all over again every time I step in your door. They say, “home is where the heart is,” and, my dear apartment, that’s all because of you.


Your Beloved Greystar Resident

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