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Make a Splash in Your Pool Without Making Your Apartment Neighbors Mad

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Lifestyle July 19, 2018

Temperatures outside are on the rise because, well, it’s summer! And, while staying locked up in your apartment with the air conditioner cranked up seems like the best way to stay cool, you could also venture out to your community’s pool - be it an infinity pool, rooftop pool, saltwater pool or simply a refreshing watering hole – to spend some quality time with your friends, neighbors and/or loved ones. It’s also a great opportunity to make new friends if you’ve just moved to the area.

Just be sure to follow your apartment community’s rules to stay safe.

Pool Etiquette and Safety Rules

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Apartment communities usually post their pool rules. Be vigilant of these signs that do prohibit certain practices. Many pools do not allow diving because they are too shallow. That means no cannonballs or dolphin dives. Most apartment pools also are “swim at your own risk,” meaning there is no lifeguard on duty. So, you and your guests will be swimming at your own risk.

At Retreat at The Woodlands in The Woodlands, Texas, residents are allowed to invite a maximum of two guests to hang out with them at the pool. While that could put a damper on plans to host a huge celebration involving splashing, a family water volleyball tournament or a vigorous water aerobics session, it’s for your safety. Contact your apartment manager if you do want or need to have more than the allotted number of guests in the pool area.

While it is completely acceptable to bring your own food and beverages to the pool, many residents make the mistake of bringing drinks in glass bottles.

“The biggest issue apartment communities run into is having glass in the pool area,” said Cori Graves, Community Manager at Retreat at The Woodlands. “Many people like to have a cold beer or glass of wine in the evening, but there can’t be any glass in the pool or even in the surrounding seating area – or it has to be shut down. If any glass gets broken in the pool, it has to be completely drained and cleaned.”

Glass containers are usually also discouraged in poolside cabanas and any shaded lounge areas around the water. If you do want to enjoy a beer or bottle of wine, simply transfer the beverage into a plastic or acrylic tumbler or any kind of container that is not glass.

Playing music at the pool – whether it’s from your phone, portable speaker or boombox – can help set the mood for a fun time. However, it is imperative that residents be aware of the volume. Tunes shouldn’t be audible at nearby apartments or be so loud that other residents at the pool can’t carry on a conversation.

“Residents are allowed to play music as long as it is not disturbing the surrounding apartments and the other residents at the pool,” Graves explains. “For example, if the music has profanity or is so loud that nobody else can enjoy the area, then we would ask them to stop playing the music or leave the pool.”

When it comes to pets, most apartment communities do not allow any four-legged friends in the actual water, while some also even ban animals from the area surrounding the pool as well. Of course, certified service animals are always an exception. Contact your apartment staff for clarity on the welcoming of pets in, around or near your pool.

Pool Safety

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Before even thinking about making a splash in the refreshing cool waters, make sure you are wearing sunscreen. Apply an SPF of 30 or above to your face and entire body. It’s best to apply sun block at least 30 minutes before entering the water so it can thoroughly be absorbed for maximum effect. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, you should also reapply sun block every two hours or after each dip. This will help prevent sunburn and keep you protected throughout your time at the pool.

It’s important to take care of your skin in the event you do get sunburned. Take cool showers to help relieve discomfort, and be sure to apply moisturizers that contain aloe or soy to help speed up your healing process. And, here’s an interesting tip: Cover the affected area with thinly sliced cucumbers to soothe your skin.

Not much can beat a day at the pool while soaking in the summer sunshine and spending time with friends. Make it fun and safe by familiarizing yourself with your apartment’s pool rules beforehand.

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