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9 Safety Rules for Greystar’s Pools

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Written by Andrea Davis
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Edited by Sarah Claire Eleazer
For Residents May 15, 2024

As we bid farewell to the cool breezes of spring, Memorial Day weekend announces the unofficial arrival of summer, bringing with it the promise of lazy days by the pool and outdoor gatherings with friends and family. 

Greystar’s communities have some of the most inviting pools, beckoning residents to relax and unwind under the warm sun. And while the pool season marks the beginning of a season filled with fun and excitement, it’s important that we stay safe and follow all rules and regulations. These are in place so every resident can enjoy a peaceful day lounging in the refreshing water and soaking up the sun. 


Aerial view of an apartment complex pool area with lounge chairs and seating areas.

Pictured above: Platform Apartments in Austin, TX


While you take advantage of the long holiday weekend, be sure to keep these 9 pool rules top of mind:

1.  Check Guest Limits

Before bringing your pals, it’s important to remember that most community pools have a guest limit. Check with your office team to ensure you understand the policies in place. While your guests are on property, make sure they are always with resident.  

2.  Ensure Adult Supervision

To join the pool party, all children must be accompanied by an adult swim partner. Assign responsible adults to keep an eye on swimmers, especially those who may be less experienced in the water.


An older man and a child enjoying popsicles by the pool.

3.  No Glass Allowed

Remember, there is a no-glass policy. Did you know that if someone breaks glass in or around the pool, it has to be closed and drained completely before it can reopen? That means it could be out of commission for up to a week!

4.  Keep Furry Friends Away

Paws off the pool deck! We all love our four-legged friends but in order to keep the pool area clean and safe for everyone, they will need to sit this one out.


A 'no dogs allowed' sign near a pool.

5.  Follow the Buddy System

No one should swim alone, regardless of age or swimming ability. Make sure to swim with a friend to ensure everyone stays safe and enjoys their time in the pool.

6.  Turn Down the Music

Please keep your music at a respectful volume. Remember, not everyone may share your taste in music. If you want to listen to your favorite tunes, consider using headphones to enjoy them without disturbing others.


A woman relaxing in a pool while listening to music.

7.  Watch the Weather

As you are swimming, be mindful of changing weather conditions. During thunderstorms or inclement weather, clear the pool area and stay out of the water until things clear up.

8.  Clean Up After Yourself

Don’t forget to clean up! Pick up any food wrappers, towels, sunscreen bottles, or other items you brought with you so that the next guest can enjoy the space.


A person carrying a clear bag with pool essentials.

9.  Look for Posted Signs

Some of our individual community rules may vary so make sure to read all posted signs in the pool area. Familiarize yourself and your family with your community’s pool rules. These policies are in place to keep everyone safe and should be respected at all times.

To prepare for emergencies that may happen, many organizations, like the American Red Cross recommend learning how to perform CPR. Check out upcoming classes available in your area.


Evening view of an apartment complex with a pool.

Pictured above: The Lucie in Baltimore, MD


Whether you’re lounging by the pool, firing up one of the community grills, or simply enjoying the company of loved ones around the pool, Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to kick back and relax. 

Here’s to a summer filled with sun-kissed adventures and poolside fun at Greystar’s properties worldwide!


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