UK Gender Pay Gap Report

Greystar’s approach to equality of Talent is entrenched in our strategic proposition as an equal opportunities employer and is central to our commitment to Greystar’s organisational value of Equality. Greystar endeavours to ensure an inclusive business environment where we celebrate individual differences, encourage diversity of thought, provide equality of opportunity, and cultivate a culture where all individuals are seen, treated, and valued equally.

Our goal is to have a workforce that is truly representative of the diverse and inclusive communities and markets in which we operate. In addition, we strive to be a visible leader of equality to internal and external stakeholders, our investment partners and our residents. As such, Greystar’s approach to pay is gender neutral.

We invite you to review Greystar UK's Gender Pay Gap reports. Click on the links below to download a PDF of the report.

2023 Gender Pay Gap Report

2022 Gender Pay Gap Report

2021 Gender Pay Gap Report

2020 Gender Pay Gap Report



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