Trent Conner Greystar Employee

Senior Managing Director
US Central Development


750 Bering Drive
Houston, TX 77057
T: 713.479.8973


Trent Conner is a Senior Managing Director for Greystar’s Development and Construction Services in North America. Alongside other senior leaders, Trent is responsible for providing guidance and support to regional development and construction teams.

Trent joined Greystar in 1999 and was responsible for all aspects of construction activities for projects within his region. In that role, Trent oversaw the completion of approximately 10,000 multifamily units, for a total construction value exceeding $650 million. After many years leading multiple construction projects around the Southwestern US, Trent transitioned to Greystar’s Development team where he partnered with the company’s leaders in building a best-in-class development business.Since joining the Greystar Development team in 2008, Trent has closed over 16 ventures, representing over 4,500 units, for a total capitalization of over $800 million. Active in the multifamily industry since 1998, Trent previously served as Vice President of Miner-Dederick Construction, where he was involved in all aspects of construction activities for their commercial construction projects.

Trent holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Texas.

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