An expansive interior of an industrial facility with a network of conveyor belts and workers overseeing operations, illuminated by bright overhead lighting.

Modular Housing

Modular housing brings major advantages to the housing industry, and our approach will help tackle the lack of housing supply in America. Modern Living Solutions turns projects into products in a factory setting, focusing highly on quality control, the reduction of waste and costs, quality of materials used, and speed to market.

Our modular factory in Knox, Pennsylvania is designed to increase productivity and efficiency with safer working conditions and less waste. This allows us to deliver cost-effective, design-conscious modular apartments that allows Greystar the opportunity to build more homes for more people.


At Greystar, our modular construction business and wholly owned subsidiary, Modern Living Solutions, focuses on delivering housing at scale and at a price point that is attainable. Through our vertically integrated platform, we combine development, factory operations, and construction to manufacture apartment modules for Greystar-owned projects. While modular housing isn’t new, our innovative approach allows us to have a meaningful impact on increasing housing supply.

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