An aerial view of a stately white building with classic architecture, featuring prominent columns and arch windows. The building stands out amidst a cityscape of modern and traditional buildings, with a street running in front bordered by trees in autumn foliage.


Greystar’s teams in 249 markets around the world have the unique ability to build, acquire, and operate a range of products in the world’s greatest cities.


Greystar is the leader in offering premier residential properties that are defined by beautiful design, thoughtfully constructed spaces, and leading amenities. Standing out in skylines or brilliantly blending into a local market, this purpose-built rental housing is centered around a premier resident experience.

An expansive view of a modern multifamily residential building under clear blue skies. The building has a curved corner with large windows, a rooftop area, and a contrasting lower section with a horizontal siding pattern. It's situated in an urban area with various other buildings and tree-lined streets in the foreground.


Greystar’s vertically integrated platform, guided by highly-localized teams, offers:

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Information is as of end of Q1 24. Assets under management includes the investment advisors’ regulatory assets under management, real estate investments organized by affiliates of Greystar Real Estate Partners (“GREP”), and real estate projects where affiliates of GREP are the primary developer, manager or operator. Assets under management are calculated at gross asset value and include estimate total project costs for real estate investments and projects that have not been completed. The investment advisors’ regulatory assets under management were $28.3 billion as of December 31, 2023.

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