L.A. Living Part 5: Wandering Through Westside

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For Residents January 11, 2019

Home to popular destinations such as Culver City and Beverly Hills, Westside blends modern trends with historic views. Shopping malls, top-notch dining and natural surroundings fill this part of town. From the famous Rodeo Drive to the scenic overlook of Baldwin Hills, a variety of fun fills this picture-perfect part of Los Angeles.

Fun on the Westside

Westside provides access to a variety of destinations including historic locales built with timeless designs. The Culver City Arts District is the culmination of these timeless designs with modern aesthetics. From music to painting, the arts district is a celebration of creativity. With multiple art galleries, studios, boutique restaurants and specialty stores, it’s no surprise USA Today named the area one of the 10 best arts districts in the nation. 

If you’re a lover of sports, plan a visit to the world-famous Dodger Stadium near the Westside area. This classic stadium is the place to be during baseball season. The ballpark snacks and wonderful LA weather pair perfectly with America’s pastime. Continue to take in the picture-perfect weather from two different beaches just minutes from Westside. Both Venice Beach Boardwalk and Santa Monica Pier offer a delightful way to soak up the sun of Southern California. These beachside destinations have become famous for their entertainment and excitement.

Shopping Under the SoCal Sun

Other parts of LA – downtown, Pasadena, Hollywood and Koreatown – may have some spectacular shopping, but the options in Westside will turn your expectations upside down. The Villa Marina Marketplace offers a selection of stores and hosts popular events including an occasional fashion show. Shopping and sunshine can be found in Santa Monica on Montana Avenue. This street is home to more than 150 stores and offers the perfect backdrop for taking photos. If you’re looking for an almost endless shopping experience, floors of stores, restaurants and boutiques are available at Westfield Culver City. Big brands and bigger sales await at this multi-floor mall. 

Westside is home to the world-famous Beverly Hills and there, three blocks of luxury stores await on Rodeo Drive. The famous shopping destination is where everyone from celebrities to shopping pros can purchase the latest from big name brands. Every “in” designer name has a location on Rodeo Drive, and with endless sunshine and swaying palm trees, the shopping experience of your dreams is made a reality.

Coffee and Dining on the Westside

Your morning in SoCal is made easy thanks to the various cafés featured in Westside. The coffee scene in the city meets the needs of everyone, from the aficionados to the casual drinkers. Places such as Bar Nine and Café Buna serve caffeinated concoctions that delight the senses. The fuel you get from these coffee shops will help you thrive in the day to day. 

After busy days of work and play, dinner and drinks are always in order. The casual eatery Santa Monica Brew Works serves local craft beers and is home to a host of local food trucks. This place is a go-to for a casual night out in Westside.

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