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A New Approach To Rental Housing Investment in The Netherlands

Greystar develops, manages and invests in urban living environments with the living experience of our residents as the indisputable starting point. We respond to the strongly growing demand for inclusive, high quality and affordable living in the city, where all needs are met for diverse target groups, such as students, young professionals, the elderly, couples and young families. The demographic developments and associated housing needs in our cities call for new and future-proof residential buildings and environments where the quality of life, health and sustainability are central.

We have an eye for the details that make living a real experience. This starts with the careful design of the layout of the homes and the high-quality level of finishing that we offer as standard, right through to the clever design of integrated living furniture that also looks great! In addition, we enrich our residential buildings with facilities and services for our residents that make living a real experience and ensure health, sociability, togetherness and inclusiveness. Our buildings are the facilitators of the communities that live in them.

As an investing manager, we commit ourselves to an area for the long term. In addition to housing, we also provide public facilities, (mobility) solutions and, of course, a high-quality public area, partly open to the entire neighborhood. We proactively engage with the neighbourhood by organizing events and through collaboration with local entrepreneurs.

Greystar is a professional and sustainably involved partner both for our residents, our investment partners, and for municipalities and other local initiators and stakeholders. In our Dutch office, we combine our international track record with in-depth knowledge and experience within the Dutch practice. For each project, we also set up an on-site project team that guarantees sustainable quality, liveability and connection to the surroundings.

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Investment Management

Greystar has been actively investing in the Dutch housing market since 2015. We do this together with our global institutional investment partners such as pension funds and insurers. We continue to steadily expand our Dutch portfolio through the addition of high-quality new construction projects.

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Development Services

Greystar develops and builds high-quality urban living environments with its in-house development and design team, combining over 35 years of global sector experience with deep knowledge and experience in Dutch practice. In addition, we partner with the best developers, builders, architects and consultants to deliver the best results every time.
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Property Management Services

Greystar itself manages all buildings on behalf of our partners and investors. For each project, we set up a dedicated on-site team that combines our high quality standards and procedures with sustainable local involvement. In this way, we ensure that each project is a vibrant community and each resident receives world-class service.
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Greystar is mainly active in our big cities. Our first Dutch project was the purchase of the student campus in Diemen Zuid. We continue to upgrade and expand this project into an increasingly attractive and complete neighbourhood with plenty of (public) facilities and living and meeting spaces. We are a strong partner - and driver - in inner-city redevelopments and transformations. In Amsterdam Southeast, we realized a high-quality urban development with three beautiful residential buildings with a total of 1600 homes for students, young professionals and small families with various amenities, high-quality outdoor space and safe walking routes to the stations. 
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Our Greystar Netherlands head office is located in The Hague. Here we work together with a team of approximately forty driven professionals: a diverse mix of people with years of experience in the Dutch practice, international experts and young upcoming talents. In addition, each of our buildings has its own on-site team that is completely dedicated to the daily experience of our residents.
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Greystar® believes that energy management, promoting health and well-being and sustainable practices help to preserve the environment for future generations, enhance the financial value, and increase the resilience of the communities we own and manage. Greystar is fundamentally committed to addressing and minimizing sustainability risks and environmental impacts through continuous improvement of ESG performance, sustainable design, and operating standards as well as transparency.