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$ 15 Billion

A Global Leader in Investment Management

Greystar Investment Management is focused on the goal of generating attractive risk-adjusted returns on behalf of institutional partners through the acquisition of multifamily properties throughout the US and internationally. Through its dedicated investment management efforts, Greystar currently manages over $7 billion of equity. As one of the industry’s largest and most experienced firms, Greystar oversees a $15 billion global portfolio of more than 60,000 units in over 50 markets.

Fully Integrated Expertise

Bob Faith founded Greystar in 1993 with a focus on building a best-in-class multifamily company, with robust investment capabilities across multiple vehicles, and strategies catering to a diverse group of capital partners and investors.

  • Portfolio Management and Investor Relations
  • Regional Investment Management
  • Capital
  • Finance and Accounting

Equity Vehicles Committed

Greystar currently manages over $7 billion of equity in the US and abroad in a variety of investment vehicles that span acquisition and development strategies.
Discretionary Commingled Funds
GEP VIII $800mm
Multi-Investor Club Ventures
GSG Residential $477mm
GSG Silicon Valley $184mm
Greystar Develop to Core $250mm
Greystar Develop to Core II $258mm
Separate Accounts and Asset Joint Ventures
UK Student Accommodation $881mm
Greystar Urban Growth $421mm
International PRS $790mm
Single Asset Joint Ventures $1.2B
Other $793mm
Experienced Team

Greystar has more than 70 professionals fully dedicated to its global investment management activities. The team collaborates throughout the life cycle of an investment vehicle, from strategy inception through asset disposition, focused on creating return upside potential through an active approach to owning and operating multifamily communities. 

Unique Platform

Our investment platform is built on local knowledge, best practices that deliver economies of scale, and best-in-class people who source, analyze, and execute on investment opportunities focused on conventional multifamily, student housing, and senior housing in both US and international markets. Our variety of investment vehicles and strategies caters to a diverse group of capital partners and institutional investors, and we leverage extensive industry relationships to acquire real-time market intelligence. Our goal is to maximize investment returns for the owner during the hold period by ensuring an appropriate capitalization structure, while focusing on optimal property performance.


  • Global portfolio management, financing, and investor relations
  • Capital management of commingled funds, club ventures, separate accounts, and asset joint ventures
  • Robust sourcing capabilities
  • Multistep underwriting process with market research, financial analysis, and budgeting
  • Rigorous due diligence process to identify and mitigate potential risks
  • Asset improvement strategies through renovations, rebranding, and resident services
  • Operational enhancements through strategic planning, revenue enhancement, expense control, and performance monitoring and reporting
  • Disposition strategies through regular hold-sell analysis and continuous dialogue with our network of buyers
Investment Advantage
Our centralized portfolio management team guides the strategic execution of investment vehicles and acts as a dedicated point of contact for capital partners and investors. At the same time, regional investment management teams work closely with the Greystar property management and capital projects teams to source, execute, and dispose of deals, with a focus on enhancing asset value through operational excellence and strategic initiatives.

Investment Advantage

  • Local experts identify undervalued assets with strong potential to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns
  • Proprietary insight and local expertise inform capital allocation decisions by identifying markets with the best potential to outperform
  • Strong industry relationships create robust sourcing channel for off-market investment opportunities
  • Dedicated in-house capital projects team focus on physical due diligence and oversight of all property renovations
Greystar Sustainability Objectives

We believe that energy management and sustainable practices help to preserve the environment for future generations and enhance the value of the communities we own and manage. That's why we're fundamentally committed to minimizing our environmental impact through continuous improvement of energy performance and through sustainable operating practices.

Current and Past Projects

We invite you to explore the diversity of our projects in the US and Europe.
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