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How Greystar Provides Customised Product Rentals with TULU

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Written by Lauren Hoven
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Edited by Sarah Claire Eleazer
For Residents February 21, 2024

Greystar buildings offer shared living spaces, shared gyms, shared gardens – you get the idea. Our aim is for our residents to not only enjoy these amenities but also to connect with their neighbours and feel a sense of belonging within our wider community.

Pair this with our residents’ desire to live sustainably* and you reach a simple conclusion: TULU. Taking sharing to that next level, TULU provides customisable units to residential buildings across the globe, allowing items to be stored and rented as and when they are needed. 


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How Does It Work?

Dubbing itself as ‘the future of consumption’, TULU has been providing its product-sharing service since 2018

Units are customisable not only in terms of their dimensions, tailored to fit specific rooms, but also in the selection of products they contain, which are carefully chosen to meet the needs of our residents. For instance, recognising that students may favour more PlayStations and VR headsets over vacuum cleaners.

Residents can view available products through the app, select the items they wish to rent and specify the duration with ease. Stored in self-contained units, these products offer 24/7 access, ensuring an autonomous experience.

Greystar has been partnering with TULU since 2020, with the service now available in 40 residential and student housing sites across the EU, UK, and the US, with London, Manchester, Liverpool, and Dublin being the main UK hubs, reaching a total of nearly 20,000 households worldwide.



What Can I Rent?

Rental items range from household essentials like vacuum cleaners and printers to electronics like VR headsets and PlayStations. There are also a number of items available that encourage socialisation and exercise, like board games and sports equipment. TULU has the potential to help us improve the wellbeing of our residents, which is something we are very passionate about. 


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TULU at Greystar

Research commissioned by Greystar earlier this year shows that more than one in ten 18–34-year-olds use rental services regularly, suggesting a huge appetite for a service inside communities where the residents are predominantly this age. 

“All of our rental communities are designed around resident needs, so we’ve made it even easier to embrace the sharing economy by introducing TULU across our buildings. TULU not only offers greater convenience, but also an enriched living experience and a stronger sense of community through shared access to essential products and appliances as well as some items you might not otherwise treat yourself to.”

- Bella Peacock, Senior Managing Director at Greystar Europe



The sharing economy is set to be worth over £255 billion by 2025. ‘Generation Rent’ no longer just applies to homes. Millennials are renting clothes, household items, tech equipment and more. 

At Greystar, we aim to help residents save money, save space, and live more sustainably. Ultimately, TULU is only one of the many amenities we believe makes renting a Greystar home a unique and meaningful experience.


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* In a recent survey, conducted with Greystar residents by HomeViews, 79% of our residents expressed that environmentally sustainable features were important to them.

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