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Ventura County Apartments

Soak up the sun in California's Ventura County and enjoy beautiful beach views and a fantastic climate. SoCal is legendary for its sunny resorts and perfect weather, and uncovering an ideal apartment home in Ventura County has never been easier. Greystar apartments are perfect for Californians and transplants from other states seeking an inspired living space to rent.

Conveniently adjacent to the west of Los Angeles, but far enough away to avoid the congestion and big-city downsides, Ventura features a vibrant coastal lifestyle and friendly atmosphere. Themed district neighborhoods reflecting the cultural eras and architectural styles of California's past give way to historic buildings in downtown and flourishing local arts districts.
Naturally, Ventura is a paradise for apartment residents who love outdoor adventures and activities. With a daytime temperature of around 70 degrees through all four seasons, and the Los Padres Mountains and Pacific Ocean right on the city's doorstep, residents will have no shortage of possibilities for fun in the sun. 

Whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned professional, Venture has golf options to keep you covered. With courses designed by historic golfing legends, the Ventura area commonly hosts a variety of tournaments as well as corporate games. Critically acclaimed facilities and a dreamy climate make Ventura a golfer's paradise at courses at Buenaventura, Olivas Links, Elkins Ranch, Mountain View, Camarillo Springs and many more.

The area also lays claim to some of the nation's most upscale spa experiences, such as nationally recognized aromatherapy services and beachside massages. Ventura also features exceptional shopping, and the combination of unique boutiques and modern malls is enough to satisfy even the most hardcore shopping enthusiasts.

One of Ventura's most exciting attractions is also quite possibly the most mysterious. Completely invisible from the mainland, the Channel Islands National Park is cast 14 miles out to sea and has such a plethora of unique species that it's been termed the American Galapagos. Well-suited for day trips and multi-day adventures, the Channel Islands are a paradise within a paradise right within reach for Greystar apartment residents.
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