Year-End Wrap Up

Year-End Wrap Up

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Greystar Green December 22, 2014

We’ve covered a lot of topics this past year, so we’ll follow the time-honored tradition of a year-end wrap up. We’ll cover the posts from the first six months today and then the next six months in the first January posting. We hope that you found some new ways to live a sustainable lifestyle in your apartment home here this year. If you are new to the site and just getting started, read on:

  • January: We started the year with some simple  winter energy saving tips  and how gradually lowering your  thermostat  can significantly cut down on your heating costs.
  • February: Learn what Greystar associates are doing across the country to promote sustainability. Our apartment managers are taking the Think Outside The Bottle Pledge to stop the use and distribution of plastic water bottles at their communities. Our Houston associates helped plant loblolly pines trees to restore a forest in Bastrop, TX. And Greystar’s utility expense management program leads the industry with energy and water savings.
  • March: Consider one of these five great house plants to make your apartment more comfortable and inviting. Use these five water-saving tips to help you save water and lower your monthly bill. When shopping for green cleaning products, follow these steps. Learn how smart Greystar managers are using smart-controllers to control their irrigation costs at their community.
  • April: Learn all about Earth Day, the worldwide event established to support environmental issues. Find out how Greystar celebrates Earth Day by promoting community gardens at a number of its apartments. If you are confused about all the new types of light bulbs and which ones to buy, read here for a helpful guide.
  • May: Find out what’s in our landfills and what you can personally do to combat pollution by learning how to reduce, reuse and recycle. Join others in taking a stand by refusing to buy or use plastic water bottles. Find out how to get rid of junk mail once and for all.
  • June: Take control of your thermostat and save big money. Learn how desalination of sea water may be one of the solutions to our drought problem, but there are other technologies in development that can purify and clean water, too. Speaking of new technologies, read about some promising techniques to combat air pollution around the world.  

Come back and see us for a recap of the last six months of 2014. 

Please be “green” over the holidays and try not to be wasteful. Take in the beauty of the outdoors and find ways to do your part to help our environment. It’s your world, too, so take care of it and enjoy it.  

Happy holidays and a joyous New Year!

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