2014 Year-End Wrap Up (Continued)

Happy New Year! We hope you made some resolutions about living a more sustainable lifestyle in 2015. Well, we’re here to help with the second part of our year-end wrap up. We covered the first six months of 2014 in our last post, and today, we cover the last six months. Maybe some of these ideas will spur you on to start your year off on the right foot:

  • July: Read here to find ways to stay cool in the summer heat and here to learn how to live a more eco-friendly and economical lifestyle. Look here for the list of organic fruits and vegetables labeled the Clean Fifteen for their extra low traces of pesticides. Also, learn how to create your own homemade window, tile and oven cleaners.
  • August: Reduce your carbon footprint through the benefits of home cooking and even learn how to grow your own food in your apartment. Combat indoor air pollution with house plants that purify your air, but be careful because there are some plants to avoid with pets. 
  • September: Learn about Greystar’s groundbreaking Green Award program and Sustainable September community engagement projects. Also read about the top ten greenest cities in America and what they are doing to stay on the forefront of sustainability. Find out about some great ways to store your fruits, vegetables and herbs, so they don’t go to waste before they make it to your table. Also, learn about some other great ways to go green in the kitchen.
  • October: Turn down your thermostat if you want to save some money this winter. If you want to save the planet, stop idling and turn off your car. Green your bedroom, your bathroom  and the other living areas in your apartment with these eco-friendly ideas.  
  • November: Learn about two natural green cleansers for your apartment: white vinegar and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). Also, find out how to stay warm this winter with these common sense energy tips that you can use in your apartment. 
  • December: Find some great ideas to celebrate the holiday season in a sustainable way. Everyone generates way too much trash and waste during the holidays, so find out how you can reduce, reuse and recycle your cards, gift wrap, decorations and more.

Visit often throughout the year to find more tips on green apartment living.   

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