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Reuse and Upcycle – Simple DIY Projects to Reuse Everyday Household Products

Written by Greystar
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Greystar Green February 16, 2015

One of the hottest trends for home decorating is “do-it-yourself.” Upcycling allows us to reuse and convert old products into something new without wasting new, raw materials.  For an apartment dweller, it is both economical and environmentally responsible. Sites such as Pinterest provide endless amounts of creative ideas.

Have some old T-shirts lying around? How about some vinyl records or scrabble pieces? Instead of throwing away old household items that will eventually end up in a landfill, GO GREEN! Re-use and upcycle everyday items you can find in your apartment to reduce our footprints. Here are some projects that are fun, easy and quick!

Dog Toy T-shirt

Do you have an old tennis ball and t-shirt? Take your t-shirt, make a few cuts to the bottom half, wrap it around the tennis ball and there you have it – a new pull toy for your dog. Bonus – your dog will love your scent on the t-shirt!

Tin Can Holders

Take your old food cans, clean them up, remove the labels and have fun with paint, glitter, pictures or nails to decorate. Make sure the tops edges are smooth. A nice coat of paint and some glue could bring together a wine rack, utensil holder, or add some soil for a beautiful herb garden.

Scrabble Coasters

Arrange scrabble pieces in a square and attach to a piece of cork or wood with a strong adhesive. Spell your name, favorite word or just try for the highest points!

Wine Cork Mirror or Frame

It might take some time before you can collect enough corks, but they can make great home decor! Use old wine corks and glue them around a mirror or picture frame in a fun pattern or design. Use your favorite corks from special occasions or parties!

Vinyl Record Cake Stand

Add some beat to your desserts! Use an old vinyl record and glue a martini glass or any other type of glass to the bottom to create a unique cake stand. You can paint the glass to jazz it up!

Jewelry Magnets

Do you have a beautiful piece of jewelry that is broken or missing its other half, but you’re not ready to part with it? Take broken jewelry pieces (stones, gems, broach, etc.), glue a magnet on the back of it and use this colorful, fun new magnet for your refrigerator or office space.

Coffee Creamer Containers

Don’t throw away those coffee creamer bottles!  The bottles with flip-up, ready-to-pour tops make great pantry storage containers. Use them for chocolate chips, nuts, candy, flour, sugar…the list just goes on and on! It’s as simple as: emptying the container, cutting off the label (no sticky mess, just cut and peel), wash and thoroughly dry before filling!

Spare Books to Beautiful Shelves

Add a little character and style to your apartment. Create book shelves (literally) with some beautifully bound, hardcover books.  All you need are some brackets and a drill!

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