Benefits of Recycling Clothes

Almost everybody knows about thrift shops that accept donations, but many people – even those that think green – don’t think about recycling items like stained t-shirts. The truth is that even damaged clothing can be recycled, and the benefits to the earth and community are abundant. In fact, recycling clothing is so important that even major retailers are getting into the game. While you may not make a profit, you can still benefit from recycling clothing.

Less Landfill Waste

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of recycling even tattered and badly damaged clothes is less overall landfill waste. When you put an old piece of clothing in the trash it’s going to end up in a landfill. Many types of clothes will decompose, but most will take many years.

Old Clothes Can Be Reused

By recycling your old clothes, companies can buy them to make new products. While your old t-shirts may not be turned into new designer t-shirts, they can be turned into rags for cleaning, blankets to keep warm or other similar items.