Water Saving Tips for Apartment Residents

Some apartment residents don’t think often about water consumption. After all, most water bills are low, and in many places, is not metered by the apartment. However, water is becoming a more precious resource, and conservation is something everybody should be concerned with. You can’t stop using water, but there are things everyone can do to minimize your consumption.

Pay Attention to Leaks

Many people that live in apartments don’t have time for maintenance. However, a simple water leak from a faucet or shower – one you may not even notice if you aren’t looking – could result in hundreds of gallons of wasted water over the course of a year. Take a few minutes to inspect your faucets and appliances once in a while, and call maintenance for service whenever you notice any drip or leak.

Put in Low Flow Shower Heads

Low-flow toilets and low-flow showerheads may already be in place in your apartment. If not, or you aren’t sure, ask your maintenance office if they are, or if you can have one. The newer low-flow shower heads give great showers, and they’re easy to replace.

Toilet Leaks can be Silent and Costly

Your toilet can be costing you money. If you hear it running occasionally, ask your maintenance team to take a look – it might need a new flapper, which is a very simple fix. If you don’t hear it run, it may still be leaking, but very quietly. To be sure, put a drop or two of food color in the toilet tank. Check back in a few minutes – if you see the color in the toilet bowl, you have some leakage and should ask maintenance to take a look.

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