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Energy Saving Tips for the Winter Months

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Greystar Green January 21, 2014

Just like everything else these days, energy costs continue to rise. So it’s important to do everything possible to help reduce energy and water use in order to both help the environment and lessen the impact on your monthly budget.

Energy and water conservation tips.

Consider replacing old incandescent holiday lights with new LED ones before the next holiday season; buy them online anytime of year!  Don’t keep the lights on more than six hours a day and always turn them off when retiring for the evening or when you are away from home.

If you have a traditional fireplace remember that when it is in use, it is sucking the room’s heated air out through the chimney, so never use it as a supplemental heating source.  When not in use, make sure the damper is closed.

For every one degree you lower the thermostat, there is a three percent energy savings. So don’t forget the simple trick of turning down the thermostat and wearing socks and a sweater to keep warm for big savings on your monthly energy bill.

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