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Five Great Plants to Keep In an Apartment

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Greystar Green March 28, 2014

Are you looking to add a natural and light touch to your apartment in order to make it more comfortable and inviting? If you are, then you should consider picking up one of these five apartment plants:

  • Pepperomia – These plants are non-toxic to pets. They need to be watered when the soil becomes dry to the touch and must be placed in bright light.
  • Parlor Palm – This plant will adapt to any interior and doesn’t need a lot of light to thrive. Just make sure to water on a regular basis and to mist during warmer weather.
  • Bird’s Nest Fern – These ferns are easy to maintain. You only need to feed them three or four times a year and water on a bi-weekly basis. Just be sure to mist them often.
  • Limelight – This gorgeous plant doesn’t need to be watered often although it should be misted. It is also an excellent air purifier.
  • Neon Pothos – This is a great plant to hang from your ceiling because its leaves will trail. Minimal watering is needed.

Brighten up your apartment with one of these terrific plants. 

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