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Why Not Add a Balcony or Patio Garden this Summer?

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Greystar Green June 17, 2013

Thinking of ways to updating your home in time for the summer? Add a balcony garden! After all, plants can liven up all kinds of homes, especially eco-friendly apartments. Also, you don’t need big space for this to work. You can use your window sills to to begin with.

Of course, not everyone is gifted with a green thumb. If you believe you lack the necessary skills for planting, then start with something simpler and sturdier, such as bamboo. In general, bamboos are weather-resistant, so you can be sure they’ll stick around for a longer time. Next, add flowers such as rosemary and lavender. Their color will make for great accents.

You can choose other plants to add in your balcony garden if you’re not into bamboo, rosemary or lavender. The important thing is to choose plants that flourish under your location’s weather conditions and under the care you can provide. A balcony garden, however simple or small, is beautiful as long as it’s healthy.

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