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5 Green Tips for Fall

Written by Greystar
Edited by Greystar
Greystar Green September 14, 2015

September 23rd marks the first day fall. While red, yellow and brown are the first colors most associate with fall, we’ve got some great tips to help you stay green. Even though hot temperatures and the desire to crank up the AC may be behind us, there are still many ways you can continue to live sustainably:

  1. Pack your children’s lunches in reusable lunch bags instead of brown paper bags and purchase recycled notebooks and school supplies.
  2. Bring a bit of nature inside. Avoid plastic decorations and use natural materials like squash, leaves, pumpkins, and pine cones as part of your autumn décor.
  3. Take advantage of the brisk, beautiful fall weather by taking a walk or bike ride rather than driving.
  4. Search for alternative lighting options to brighten your interiors as the days get shorter. Use LED flameless candles or energy efficient light bulbs. Remember to turn off all your lights and unplug unused appliances when you’re not in the room!
  5. It’s tempting to turn the temperature up when the weather starts to get cooler. Instead of reaching for the thermostat, why not reach for a sweater instead? If you have unused sweatshirts laying around, upcycle and turn them into a cozy, little blanket.

Stay tuned for more autumn green living tips in the coming months. 

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