How to Manage Heating and Cooling Costs

Regardless of what season it is during the year, the biggest and most controllable energy cost is related to the heating and cooling of a property. By setting in place a few basic modes of environmental control in eco-friendly apartments, you can keep your energy related expenses to a minimum.

One of the biggest factors involves adjusting the thermostat to cooler temperatures during winter months, and warmer levels during the summer.  Adjusting the thermostat should not be limited to the leasing office, but should include all common areas, apartment units where possible, pools and hot tubs.  Setting those thermostats back when areas are not in use – like when the offices are closed – makes a difference.  So does just one or two degrees during the day.

Always check the location for leaks; doors and windows are a huge source of energy loss. Placing weather stripping along doors, and replacing, or refreshing, the seals around windows will often make a dramatic impact on environmental control. Be diligent in the use of window shades, curtains, or other window treatments; make it a habit during the day to let in the sun in winter, and shut it out when it’s hot outside.  On a winter’s night, close the shades to minimize air leakage from the windows.

You should always remember to replace the filters on a regular basis; not only will it help the quality of the air, but it will improve the effectiveness of the heating and cooling units.