Indoor air pollutants are ranked among some of the most harmful environmental risks to human health. Due to the stagnant nature of indoor environments, pollutants build up and stay around in larger quantities than humans should breath in. Having improper ventilation coupled with indoor air pollutants can be the cause of many health conditions including migraines, dizziness, blurred vision, ear, nose and throat irritations among many more. These indoor pollutants can come from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can be imbedded in certain paints, carpeting and flooring. They can also come from a build-up of moisture caused by poor ventilation which can create a swamp like area that allows molds and mildews to grow. Some other indoor air pollution culprits are cleaning supplies, furniture, pollen and outdoor air contaminants such as smoke or car exhaust.

Given that most people spend around 90% of their lives inside at work or in their apartment, it is important that we minimize the harmful effects of indoor air pollutants. Greystar strives to do all it can to protect you from any harmful toxins that may be present in your apartments. We want your apartment to be the cleanest, healthiest and happiest place for you to be. The good news is that we can go even further to protect ourselves and our loved ones completely naturally and at a relatively low cost, with the help of indoor plants. Indoor plants help to purify the air, removing many of the harmful toxins described above. Plants do this by taking in the air pollutants, like they do carbon dioxide, and through the process of photosynthesis, they process pollutants into the oxygen we breath. Beyond this, the microbes that live in the soil of potted plants also help to clean the air, making our indoor world a safer, cleaner place to live.

Now it is time to go out and buy yourself some plants for your apartment and office! Do not be scared to buy plants if you do not have a green thumb. With proper planting, watering and placement for sun exposure, anyone can get the hang of taking care of potted plants. Some of the best plants known to reduce indoor air pollutants include garden mums, spider plants, ficus trees, bamboo and aloe vera. See here for other great ideas of plants for you apartment from Greystar. Many of these plants can be found at your local hardware or even grocery store. Not only will these plants improve the air quality of your apartment and office, but they will continually brighten up everyone’s day!