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How to Make the Most of New Year's Eve

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Lifestyle December 27, 2023

Can you believe 2024 is already here? Kick off the New Year and celebrate 2023 with these tried-and-true New Year’s Eve celebrations:


Make a Resolution

Before the festivities really begin, use the morning and afternoon of December 31 to reflect on your 2023 resolutions, where you’ve gone, and how far you’ve come. Celebrate those accomplishments by creating your 2024 resolutions based on what you can realistically accomplish in a year. Consider setting a resolution or goal for each month to avoid becoming overwhelmed, and to allow yourself to “restart” on the first of each month.

Friends enjoying a festive celebration with sparklers and laughter around a dinner table.


Dress Up

Once your resolutions are in order, it’s time to get ready! Put on your best suit, dress, or attire and get ready to take the New Year by storm. It doesn’t matter if you’re staying in or going out, dress to impress yourself and to celebrate the last 12 months!

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Celebrate with a Toast

Whether you’re holding a glass of water, sparkling cider, or champagne, raise a glass to your loved ones. Keep the celebration going by creating a new tradition of going around the room or table to say what you’re proud of accomplishing in 2023.

A group of friends toasting with drinks over a dinner table, celebrating a special occasion.


Make Some Noise

Are you ready for 2024? Get out your streamers and noisemakers and get ready to have a blast! 

Fun Fact: Noisemakers like fireworks and shakers are believed to have originated in ancient times to dispel evil spirits and bring good luck. Now, many major cities host fireworks celebrations at midnight to celebrate the date!

Energetic partygoers celebrating with party poppers, laughter, and 'Happy' balloons in the background.


Countdown to the New Year

3…2…1! Get ready for some run with an official NYE countdown! Most news stations, social media outlets, radio stations, and websites will have animated timers to track along to throughout the night.

Close-up of a New Year's Eve toast with champagne glasses against the backdrop of a digital countdown display showing '0001'.

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