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How Greystar Can Help You Achieve Your Resolutions for the New Year

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For Residents December 28, 2022

Making a New Year’s resolution is a great way to challenge yourself and set the tone for the rest of the year. There are so many ways to get started and to help we’ve put together some resolution ideas that can be achieved within your Greystar community: 

Use Your Greystar Community’s Gym to Stay Active 

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One of the most common resolutions made each year is a commitment to exercise. After indulging in holiday treats, many people dedicate themselves to the gym in order to get active and feel healthier. Residents of most Greystar communities have access to exercise equipment. Use this included amenity to help you reach your fitness goals. 

Participate in Your Complex’s Recycling Program to Reduce Waste 

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There are many simple modifications that can be made to reduce the amount of waste you produce. Whether it’s bringing reusable bags to the supermarket or buying a water bottle to fill up each day, these changes will make a difference. Do you need a place to sort your recyclables? For more information on your community's recycling program, contact your community manager. You may also consider upcycling your recycling, read more here to learn more. 


Make New Friends at Scheduled Community Events 

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One of the top advantages of living in an apartment complex is that you are always surrounded by your neighbors. Within a few steps of your front door, you’ll be able to find many people to connect with. This year, take advantage of this unique opportunity and make a few new friends. If you're stuck for conversation starters, look through your complex newsletter for upcoming events. Check out this blog post for more tips and tricks. 


Cook More Using Greystar-Provided Appliances

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It can be difficult to persuade yourself to cook meals when you have the convenience of food delivery apps at your fingertips. This year, try new recipes and set aside time each day to prepare healthy meals. You may find that cooking can be enjoyable and with the help of your provided appliances, you'll be making your own delicious meals in no time! 


Save Money & Grab Coffee from the Clubhouse

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Many of us end up in a drive-thru line to get our morning cup of joe. This may seem like a convenient way to get an energizing start to the day, but your bank account might disagree. Instead of continuing this costly habit, visit the lobby of your apartment complex. In most cases, your community will have a coffee machine available for residents to use at any time of day. 

Your New Year's resolution should be something that motivates you and gets you excited about the new year. Don’t stress yourself out, let Greystar help you achieve your goals. 

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