Two women smiling with a colorful lion dance costume head in the background, symbolizing Lunar New Year celebrations.

Inside Chapter London: Celebrating Lunar New Year

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Written by Georgina Hazeldine
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Edited by Sarah Claire Eleazer
Apartments and Communities February 14, 2024

Renowned for being one of the biggest celebrations worldwide, the Lunar New Year began on Saturday 10th February, bidding farewell to the Year of the Rabbit and welcoming the Year of the Dragon.

Understanding the Zodiac Calendar

Curious as to why Lunar New Year isn't on 1st January? Unlike the calendar you might find on your iPhone, this day follows the lunisolar calendar. This system tracks the moon and sun cycles, celebrating the new year on the day of the first calendar moon.

In this calendar, each year is symbolized by one of 12 zodiac animals. According to legend, individuals inherit traits from the animal of the year they were born in. For instance, those born in the Year of the Dragon are said to be charismatic, intelligent, confident, and naturally lucky. 

Learn what your zodiac animal is here.


A boy in winter clothing holds a colorful dragon puppet at a Lunar New Year street celebration.

Celebrating at Chapter

But let's talk about the real fun of Lunar New Year – it’s an amazing party! For many communities, it's a seven-day festivity and a public holiday. Follow along as we showcase how Greystar Europe’s Chapter London residents are celebrating the Year of the Dragon across the UK capital.

Chapter is home to an incredibly diverse community. With residents from many parts of the world, including over 50% of 6,000+ from China, the community spaces buzz with an international flair. This blend of backgrounds creates an atmosphere where friendships blossom across borders, offering an inclusive and welcoming environment.


Three women in traditional Asian attire smiling and posing during Lunar New Year festivities.

Community Events

Chapter's Lunar New Year celebrations bring a burst of excitement to our 13 student properties across London every year. The buildings are transformed into vibrant spaces, draped from top to bottom with elaborate decorations. Residents are greeted by an explosion of colour with bright reds, golds, and traditional designs around every corner. 

From themed dinners featuring flavourful cuisine to interactive sessions filled with games, music, and crafts, residents can experience a whirlwind of activities as part of Chapter’s packed events schedule.


People lining up at a buffet with traditional decorations, during a Lunar New Year event.

Maximizing Your Membership

Residents can make the most of their membership by attending Lunar New Year celebrations at multiple Chapter properties. This city-wide membership provides access to a variety of exciting activities, ensuring that residents can fully experience the social scene offered at all locations.

And for students looking to explore outside of their community, staff members can offer event recommendations across the capital. Chinatown is an incredible destination all year round, but it truly shines during Lunar New Year. The festivities are a must-see, featuring a spectacular parade filled with floats and lion dancers. It's a special time of year that promises delightful entertainment and keeps both stomachs and spirits full across London.


Children watching a lion dance performance in an outdoor community event.

No matter where you’re celebrating, starting the new year surrounded by friends and family is believed to bring good luck. So, here's to a fantastic Year of the Dragon! May your year ahead be filled with happiness, good fortune, and plenty of wonderful moments.

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