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New Year's Resolutions You'll Keep for Longer Than a Week

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Community Life January 12, 2022
For many of us, New Year's Resolutions are tied to our well-being and vital to our growth and success in other areas of life. This year, why not try these tips for keeping the 5 most popular resolutions and transform your way of living? 

1. Eliminate Stressors
Pile of Clean Laundry | Blog | Greystar
They say the farthest distance is from the laundry basket to your closet. But those piled-up pants are causing you unneeded stress.

Stress harms the mind and the body. By minimizing stress in your home, you can improve your overall wellness and pride in your space. So, commit to tackling some of those projects you’ve been putting off. These tasks are often simple, but they lack urgency—like the pile of clothes on your corner chair that you pass every day and sigh because you know they need to be put away. By taking action on these pesky tasks, you’ll eliminate that hovering anxiety and create more space for more positive emotions in your life.

TIP: Start in one place. If you have a few areas you want to get under control, start with just one. You decide which. This keeps your outlook positive and the task feels more manageable. When you complete one area, celebrate and then move on to the next.

2. Try Something New Each Month

Time is a strange thing. You’ve probably heard the expression: “The days are long, but the years are short.” It’s New Year’s Day, and then all of a sudden it’s summer, and then, wow, is it time for the holidays again?

There’s a reason for this. Your brain is active when you’re participating in new things. It’s learning, archiving, and “recording.” However, when you do things that you’ve done before, your brain already knows what to expect next. It’s familiar with this, and therefore switches to autopilot. As adults, we typically follow the same routine day in and day out (your brain doesn’t see a need to record you brushing your teeth). 

But it doesn’t have to be this way: you can intentionally tinker with your perception of time so that your days are more fulfilling, and your life seems longer and more memorable.

All you have to do is give yourself more firsts. Who said your New Year’s Resolution has to be sticking to just one thing? If you are a foodie, it could be a new restaurant, recipe, or ingredient. If you tend to get stuck in a rut, maybe check out the community amenities or rearrange your space. 

TIP: Start small, and work up to signing up for that pottery class or Barre class (unless that's what you've been hankering to try). Little things make a big difference. 

3. Where Possible, Go Out Every Day

Walk a mile. Explore the local scene. Say hi to your neighbors. It feels good to move, doesn’t it? Your “home” is more than the apartment itself—it’s your community.

Cabin fever is a real thing (have you never watched The Shining?). Your mental health depends on socialization, movement, and Vitamin D, and forcing yourself out the door every day is an immediate accomplishment. After the difficult couple of years we’ve had, you deserve it. 

Inevitably, you’ll see even more results like better sleep, more time with family and friends, and an increased sense of purpose.

TIP: Keep it simple. The simpler the activity, the more likely you will be to do it—and do it regularly. 

4. Make Your Bed (Seriously!)
Made Up Bedroom| Blog | Greystar
Between working from home, balancing your family's schedules, and keeping your space in somewhat livable shape, you have a lot on your plate. If taking on yet another task feels overwhelming, start small. In fact, just make your bed each morning.

No, you don’t have to turn out a Pinterest-worthy display—unless you’re into that sort of thing, in which case have at it. But a quick fluff of the pillows and tug of the sheets takes only seconds, and it has a massive impact.

We’ve all had those mornings when getting up feels almost impossible. Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep the night before. Or you’re dreading starting that project at work. Even if you’re having a miserable day, starting out with a made-bed can change your perspective and even help you make tough decisions.

Full disclosure: Making your bed won’t actually make any of those problems go away. But you did accomplish something. You set the tone for a day of wins—big and small.

TIP: Stack your habits. The best way to form a new habit is to tie it to an existing habit. Already planning your day? Think through it while smoothing out wrinkles in the comforter.

5. Make a Long-Term Plan
Organizational Planner | Blog | Greystar
The expectation is not to complete a resolution every day—they are long-term goals that are completed over time. Because of this, one of the best ways to keep yourself on track and accountable this year is to plan out your tasks in advance. Give yourself time and be gentle with what you want to accomplish.

Make a list, whether monthly or quarterly, of what you need to do to keep an organized home. Then, consult it regularly to check off those tasks.

To get the most out of your list, make it a good mix of goals. Have things on there that touch different rooms or areas of your space, and make sure there’s a good variety when it comes to time and budget. You want to have some items on the list that could (potentially) get done in a weekend, and others that might be long-term (months or years down the road).

Some possible examples might be: 
●  Fashion a $5 indoor clothesline.
●  Get some plants for the balcony.
●  Invest in smart home gadgets.
●  Host a monthly game night with friends.
●  Pay cash for a new sofa.

TIP: While the holiday season is still fresh in your mind, think about how you'd like to handle things next time around. Consider whether you had enough chairs, or if it makes sense to put the kids’ table next to the bar cart. Jotting down a few notes at the beginning of this year is sure to help save you some headaches at the end.

A home is not just something that you see—it’s something that you experience. It should nourish the soul. By caring for a space that you love, you make room for inspiration to enter your life. You have a place to recharge and restore—a conduit for success and meaning. That’s certainly worth more than a week.

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