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8 Simple Holiday Decorating Tips

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Lifestyle December 1, 2021

The holidays are here! Discover our simple tips for creating the perfect holiday decor that is sure to impress your roommates, friends, family, and loved ones alike this winter season.

The Modern Minimalist
You don’t need to spend a fortune decorating your home this winter. And, better yet, you don’t need to find a place to store your holiday décor within your apartment once the season is over. Tip 1: Save time and money by rethinking how to utilize your day-to-day décor and re-purpose items you may have normally thrown out. Use vases and cleaned, emptied jars as candle holders by placing white aquarium sand at its base to hold a taper candle or pillar candle in place. Then, align the mismatched jars for a cozy, eco-friendly lighting solution. Tip 2: For added glitz, place extra small silver ornaments around the exterior base of the jars.

A Classic Holiday
For décor tip, head to your local florist. Tip 3: Select white in-season flowers along with a variety of greenery as fillers. Then, take a few trimmings of pine tree as well as a few pinecones. When you have all your materials collected, create your own unique winter-hued floral arrangement. Not only will your home feel festive, but it will smell divine as well. The best part? By incorporating pieces of traditional holiday trees, you can ease the need for having to fit an entire Christmas tree into your apartment!

All Glitz and Glamour
Is glitter one of your favorite words? Tip 4: Visit your local thrift store to find uniquely shaped items like reindeer, snowman, and pine trees. It doesn’t matter the color, more so the shape. Then, head to your craft store for white paint and glitter in gold or silver. In a safe, outdoor area, paint the thrift items and then sprinkle on the glitter to create an eclectic grouping of matching décor for your table. Tip 5: Avoid having glitter sprinkled throughout your home post-holiday season by using spray glue or hairspray to seal the glitter onto any décor (DIY or store-bought).

The More the Merrier
For some, there is never such a thing as “too much” holiday décor. Tip 6: If you fall into this category, consider grouping your items into textures and tones. Once grouped, carefully mix and match between the groups to create a spread best fit for you. Consider having pairs of three to ease the eye, with one item being tall, one item being wide, and one item being a filler. Then, place the groups of three along your table as you see fit. Tip 7: Use large, identical items like bulky candlestick holders in hurricane glasses to create a “skeleton” for your table. Then, fill the space in between with your décor.

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