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Interior Decorating Trends You Need to Try this Fall

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Lifestyle September 1, 2021

Fall is a time of cozy autumnal ambiance, with a bundle of activities to choose from whether it be pumpkin carving, testing a new hot cocoa recipe or bundling up under a knit blanket with a good novel. Learn to recreate some of the top interior decorating trends of the season that will last into the new year:

1. Secondary Lighting
Lighting plays a major role in the feeling of your home. Whether it’s bright and airy or dark and cozy, it’s a crucial element to setting the vibe you want. Using secondary lighting, instead of overhead lighting, is becoming more and more popular – and can be implemented in a variety of styles. Do you love eSports, gaming and being online? Consider temporary neon lighting strips that can attach under your bed or behind a TV or computer screen for an electric feel. Do you want something that will relax you before bed? Himalayan salt lamps are known for their calming, warm pink glow and can fill a space with light without being too bright. 

2. Indoor Gardening
In 2020, more than 20 million people took up gardening as a quarantine hobby, with many becoming continued fans of the activity. Whether you’re growing houseplants to enjoy for appearance or edible plants like basil, sage and cilantro, there are many ways to bring the outdoors into your space. If you’re lacking light, consider houseplants that don’t need as much sunlight like a ZZ or snake plant. Alternatively, there are many home grow light kits to grow anything from a sunflower to a basket of tomatoes, all inside the comfort of your home.

3. Audio Rooms
Podcasts and music bring many people comfort and relaxation, whether it’s during the day to take a break from work or at the end of the night to find peace before bed. Combining interior design and audio listening devices, your audio room can be anything you want. Perhaps it’s just a comfortable chair in the corner of a living room with a vinyl record player nearby. Or, it could be a cozy egg chair on your patio with a pair of headphones. Audio rooms let you flaunt your interior design flair and match it to your music or podcast tastes so you can lay back, close your eyes and enjoy.

4. Coffee Carts
Bar carts have been popular for years, with coffee carts trending especially for the cozy fall and winter months. To make your own, use a nook, shelf or cart as a base. Then, add on your coffee or espresso machine, a milk frother, your favorite set of mugs and jars of accoutrements like chocolate shavings, cocoa powder or homemade marshmallows. Not only will it bring new energy into your home, but it will inspire you to stay home and brew your own cup to save a few dollars before holiday spending begins.

5. Manifesting Nesting
Get in touch with your spiritual side by creating a manifestation station. To do so, grab a favorite journal, a good set of pens or pencils and a warm, calming candle. Once you have the basics, you can add in your favorite touches, be it crystals, plants, photos of loved ones or anything else you desire. Then, use your journal to map out your goals for the day or week, contemplate the day that just passed and use it to build your path for the year ahead. The best part? There’s no wrong way to do it.

This fall, you’re ready to find your place of rest and retreat. Discover your next home in one of Greystar’s thousands of apartment communities around the world. 


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