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5 Ways to Stand Out During the Greystar Interview Process

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Written by Mia Mitchell
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Edited by Sarah Claire Eleazer
Talent and Culture May 29, 2024

Preparing for an interview can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. It's your chance to showcase your skills and personality to make a memorable impression on potential employers. However, navigating through the process requires more than just rehearsing answers—it's about embodying professionalism, positivity, and preparedness.

Here are five tips to help you ace your Greystar interview with confidence:



1.  Be Prompt

When it comes to interviewing, first impressions are everything. Showing up on time not only demonstrates professionalism but also indicates that you value others' time and can be relied upon to be prompt. Greystar facilitates many interviews virtually and while convenient, technology can be unpredictable. It’s important to always give yourself extra time to check your Wi-Fi connection and ensure that your video and sound are working correctly.


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2.  Be Prepared

Preparing prior to participating in an interview ensures that you're ready to discuss skills that align with the job requirements. Knowing your elevator pitch and giving a brief introduction when meeting the hiring manager can help you make a lasting impression and could make it easier for them to recall your strengths after the interview ends.


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"To be successful in the Greystar hiring process, coming prepared is essential. Whether that is researching more about Greystar overall, familiarizing yourself with who you will be meeting during the interview process, or reviewing the responsibilities and requirements of the role you are applying for at a deeper level, preparation is key to being able to put your best foot forward. It also shows your genuine interest and excitement to be a part of the organization."

– Rebecca Settle, Talent Acquisition Manager


3.  Do Your Research

Conducting research before an interview is an extremely important yet often overlooked step in the process. At Greystar, with our different lines of business and a strong emphasis on people, we've cultivated a unique and defining company culture. Doing your homework beforehand not only helps you understand the role requirements but also provides insights into our organization’s culture and values. Demonstrating this prior knowledge not only shows enthusiasm but also increases your chances of standing out among other candidates.


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4.  Stay Positive

The job search process can be quite stressful, but maintaining a positive outlook during interviews is always important. A positive attitude can help create a more engaging and productive conversation during the session. When discussing past employers, focus on highlighting positive experiences and achievements, steering clear of any negative language.


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5.  Send Your Thanks

Saying “thank you” can truly go a long way. Everyone is very busy, and it's easy to move on with your day after an interview, waiting to hear back from the hiring manager about the next steps. However, by following up after your interview with a simple note or email, you can show a deeper level of interest in the position and overall appreciation for the interviewer’s time.


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With these five tips in mind, you'll be well-equipped to shine in your interview with Greystar and take the next step towards your goals.

Interested in starting a career with Greystar? Explore open positions on our website and apply today to begin the process.

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