Greystar Living App FAQs

What is the Greystar Living app?

To streamline technology for our residents, we have built the Greystar Living app. In time, all tasks and features most important for your day-to-day will be consolidated into the app. The Greystar Living app was created as a one-stop shop to upgrade your living experience with Greystar!

Can I still use my current Greystar Resident App?

Out with the old, in with the new! We will remove all access to the old Greystar Resident App. No need to worry, all your information and records will be available in the new Greystar Living app and the current online Resident Portal. Be sure to download the Greystar Living app today, so you don’t skip a beat when we remove access to the old app.

Can I still use the online Resident Portal?

The online Resident Portal will continue to be available to residents that do not have access to a smart phone, cannot operate a smart phone independently, or simply prefer a web-based experience.

Will my current login credentials for the other app or online Resident Portal work on the new Greystar Living app?

The Greystar Living app is a brand-new experience, and you will need to create a new account by selecting ‘Signup’ to get started. The great news is, once you’ve signed up, login is easy and secure – simply use your mobile phone number, no more managing or remembering a password!

My mobile phone number is not working, I have changed my mobile phone number recently. How do I update it?

If you are having trouble logging into your current Greystar Living account with the mobile phone number you originally signed up with, we will need to update the mobile number we have on file. Please work with your community team to update your information. Once this has been updated, you can attempt to login into the app with your new phone number.

Who should I talk to if I have questions or need help?

If you need assistance getting started or are having trouble signing up for a new account with the Greystar Living app, please contact your community team. If you have app feedback to share after signing up, you can complete a brief survey in your account settings.
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