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Turn Your Apartment Bathroom into a Spa

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Lifestyle June 8, 2022

With constant stresses clouding our day, it can be a challenge remembering to put ourselves first and focus on our overall wellbeing. But what if unwinding after a hectic day doesn’t have to be far-fetched, or even expensive? You can simply transform your apartment bathroom into a spa-like dream and incorporate a daily routine centered around your wants and needs in the comfort of your own home. 

Here are some bathroom design ideas that are renter-friendly, affordable, and all about you:


Eucalyptus plant in shower | Blog | Greystar
Bring some Zen into your life by hanging dried or fresh eucalyptus from your showerhead. It’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but the leaves emit a calming aroma that will help you relax, open your sinuses, and combat headaches. They’re inexpensive, easy to assemble, and super low maintenance—just hang and enjoy! 
Trader Joe’s and Hobby Lobby usually have fresh or dried Eucalyptus in stock. If they are out, you can always rely on Amazon for bathroom ideas.

Clear Your Counter Space 

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It goes without saying that decluttering your space will give you peace of mind. Invest in some affordable organizing storage and keep everything out of sight, out of mind (unless it’s in a cool looking bottle!). Once you clear your space, buy a sleek, matching set for the necessities, like a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, canister for cotton balls, and a marble tray to organize the essentials.

Your organized, more modern bathroom will have you never wanting to leave!

Candles, Candles, Candles

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There’s something truly therapeutic about lighting a candle during bath or shower time after a stressful day. Create your own bathroom spa by placing one or two attractive candles in your space and light them when you simply need a moment to soak the day away and luxuriate. 

P.S. you can never have too many candles! Buy a few different scents and switch them out depending on your mood. Remember to keep any extras neatly stored to keep a clutter-free area to make room for more bathroom decor. 

Bathtub Trays 

Open book in a bathtub | Blog | Greystar
You’ve probably seen bathtub trays on social media or might know someone who has one—so why haven’t you gotten one for yourself? Turn bath time into an exciting event by reading a chapter in your book, catching up on your favorite show, or sipping a cool glass of your favorite beverage while you wash the day away. 
This is the perfect addition to your bathroom spa and will come in handy more often than you realize!

Hang Some Art 

Wall art in a bathroom | Blog | Greystar
Some people are hesitant about hanging items in their apartment and are worried about causing damage or being charged for putting holes in the wall. However, there are so many peel and stick options that make hanging art easy and taking it down just as effortless. 

Find a few thoughtful art pieces that evoke a sense of peace, hang them up in your new bathroom spa, and every time you enter this space you’ll instantly sink into serenity.

Bonus! Walk In Shower Ideas 

Shower in a Nice Bathroom | Blog | Greystar
Some apartments have walk-in showers and there are a few décor ideas that will both elevate your space and make shower time more enjoyable. Place a tropical plant and water resistant (perhaps bamboo) plant stand into one of the corners and let the humidity from your showers help the plant thrive.

You can also buy a stylish shower seat so you can sit back, relax, and luxuriate after a long day’s work. Replace your shower-head if you feel like the water pressure isn’t to your liking—opt for a waterfall shower-head with Bluetooth speaks to listen to your favorite jams. 

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