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Living at Greystar: The First 30 Days

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Lifestyle March 23, 2022

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The move is finally over, keys are in hand, and you’re in. Your new Greystar apartment is a blank slate. Now what? If it’s Day One, check out “Everything You Need to Know on Move-in Day.” But if you’re settling in, here’s what to expect throughout your first month after moving into your Greystar community—tactically, socially, and personally.   


Knowing what all needs to be done right after a move can be overwhelming. For so long, you’ve been thinking solely about packing and the move itself, and now the first few days in your new apartment may feel foreign. Start with a few tactical things to easily check off your list and build up some momentum.  

  • Update your address. This could be an article on its own, but it’s important to update the post office, utility providers, your employer, bank and credit card companies, voter registration, and more. Here’s a good checklist. 
  • Ensure you’re receiving community emails from the portal. For example, these messages will keep you up to date on fire alarm inspection days and any other need-to-know events. 

  • Explore your new surroundings and get to know your area. You could simply drive around, research local spots through social media, check out regional news stations and newspapers, and get involved in your community! 

  • Plan your route to work. Check Google Maps or Waze for commute times and routes, and then test them out to see which way works best for you. 

  • If applicable, locate new healthcare providers and schools.

  • Write a moving review. Once the chaos of moving is behind you, you should take your time and rate your movers, including your overall impressions and pros and cons. 


Get to know your new home by exploring both the immediate community and the surrounding neighborhood.  

Besides the obvious benefits of living in a Greystar community (for example, no weeding, planting or mowing), having close-knit neighbors is a distinct perk. It’s easy to develop friendships when you’re not separated by yards or fences, and there are many opportunities for you to get involved in your new community.  

Within your first 30 days (and beyond), learn about resident events* by following your Greystar community on Instagram and get out there! Pool parties, fitness classes, game nights… the possibilities are endless and we encourage residents to take advantage of these unique opportunities.  

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Once you unpack the last box, it’s time to make this apartment your apartment. Transitioning can be tough and it’s totally normal not to feel at home at first. That’s why adorning the place with your own personality is crucial and will help to speed up the process of feeling truly at home. 

Add some finishing touches like curtains, rugs, and cozy pillows; put plants throughout the apartment to make the atmosphere fresh, lively and welcoming; hang your favorite pictures and photos on the walls; surround yourself with special items and beloved possessions, etc. 

Most important of all: get settled. Get fully unpacked. Nothing feels less "homey" than living amongst boxes for weeks or months on end. The quicker you can unpack and get settled, the more the place will feel like home. And the sooner you’re officially moved in, the sooner you can start living the life you envisioned. 

*Activities may differ depending on property. Please contact your Greystar community manager for more information. 

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