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How to Move Awkward Furniture

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Lifestyle May 5, 2021

Moving into a new home is an exciting time of change, preparation and inspiration. How will you decorate? What will you bring? How will it get there? Furniture, handmade goods and bulky items can be sentimental and necessary, however bulky to move. Use these tips for moving five commonly over-sized and awkward items to make your move a breeze.

1. A Mattress
Mattresses can be heavenly to sleep on, but a pain to move. To protect your mattress during its journey, place it into a mattress bag to ensure it does not snag or tear. Then, clear a clean path to the transportation vehicle. Using a dolly or hand truck, gently move the mattress onto the wheels the same way you would put bread in a toaster, with the longest side adjacent to the ground. If you’re placing the mattress into the bed of a truck, rather than an enclosed moving vehicle, tightly secure it so it doesn’t not lift out. Tip: The day before you move, sprinkle baking soda on your mattress and then vacuum it up after 15 minutes to remove any odors. 

2. A Grandfather Clock
Do you own sentimental items, like delicate art or over-sized grandfather clocks? Keep them safe and sound by researching the best way to move your specific valuable. For instance, a grandfather clock will need the clock weights removed and separately wrapped in a moving blanket to keep safe. Then, a separate moving blanket will need to be added into the belly of the clock to stabilize the glass window from the inside. Finally, the clock will need to be wrapped in its entirety to protect the fine, handcrafted wood detail. 

3. A Flat-Screen Television
There’s nothing better than getting into your new home and relaxing after a long day of unpacking with an episode of your favorite show. Make sure your television arrives safely by using a thick box packed with moving blankets to pack. Keep your television propped up, instead of laying it down, so no additional weight is placed on the screen. Lastly, bag together and pack all cords and the remote in one box for easy finding when unpacking.

4. Cleaning Supplies
You may have a handful of cleaning supplies you’re ready to take to your new home. Before you begin packing, sort out any expired or empty cleaning supplies and properly dispose of them. To pack cleaning supplies, you’ll need a sturdy box, packing tape and a plastic bag or garbage bag. Line the box with the bag and tape each bottle closed. This will prevent powder or liquid from escaping the box and bottles, should a spill occur mid-move. Once your box is filled to a manageable weight, tie the bag closed, then tape and label the box. If you can, keep your box in an air-conditioned vehicle, as heat can create harmful chemical reactions within the supplies.

5. A Piano
Moving a piano requires tedious preparation to protect its lid, keys, sides and feet. Using thick moving blankets, wrap the entirety of the instrument and secure the blankets with tape. You will need four to six people to move the piano, depending on its weight. Prior to moving, measure all places the piano will pass through on its way out of your home and into your new home, including hallways, staircases, doorways and the moving vehicle. Using a dolly and keeping the piano in its upright position, slowly begin its journey. Remember, nothing should be placed on top of the piano during the move to protect its components. Once it is in its new home, you will need to re-tune the instrument and give it a good clean to remove any dust that may have collected during transportation.

You’re well on your way to moving into your new Greystar home. For more moving advice during National Moving Month, check out our handy relocation checklist.

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