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How to Carve a Pumpkin Indoors

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Lifestyle October 27, 2021
Pumpkin carving is a wholesome activity you, your family, and friends can enjoy this fall season in the comfort of your home. There’s something nostalgic about taking a trip to the grocery store to pick out the perfect pumpkin, hunting for the best design, and getting a little messy in the process of creating your Jack O’ Lantern masterpiece. If you’re struggling with pumpkin ideas, this blog post will offer tips and tricks on how to carve a pumpkin indoors with minimal mess and optimal Halloween fun!

Find the Perfect Spot

You’ll want to find a spot in your home that’s big enough for you, your pumpkin, your supplies, and multiple people if you plan on having company over for a little pumpkin carving party. It’s highly suggested you pick an area with a non-fabric surface – like wood, tile, or granite – so that if pumpkin innards fly around (and they probably will) the cleanup will be easier.

You can grab some pillows to sit atop and carve your pumpkin right on your floors or opt to carve on your counter or dining room table.

Gather All Your Supplies

The pumpkin carving process is a messy one, so making sure all your tools are together beforehand will save time and the inconvenience of getting the rest of your place messy. Amazon sells a handy pumpkin carving toolkit with a case and standard stencils, or if you want to skip the carving altogether, you can purchase a paint set and explore pumpkin painting ideas perfect for younger kids. 

Whatever you choose, make sure you have at least two trash bags (one to carve on and another to put the mess in as you create) and have a little damp rag in case you need to wipe a mess up.

Have Fun with Cleanup

Make the clean up just as fun as the carving! Turn on some spooky Halloween tunes or your favorite Halloween movie in the background while you pick up the slimy remnants of your new creation. Save the pumpkin seeds so you can bake and munch on roasted pumpkin seeds during your next spooky movie marathon and keep any leftover pumpkin pieces to feed the deer on your next outdoor excursion – deer love pumpkin!      

Showcase Your Jack O’ Lantern 

Now for the fun part, grab your Jack O’ Lantern and showcase it on your porch, balcony, or next to your front entryway for all to admire. To keep the excitement going, hold a Jack O’ Lantern contest at your upcoming Halloween party by asking your guests to bring their carved pumpkins have everyone pick their favorites with this free pumpkin carving contest scorecard

Pumpkin carving is fun, brings people together for Halloween, and can easily be done indoors without the fright of a mess. Tag @greystarapartments on social media to show us your spooky or cute pumpkin carving ideas – we can’t wait to see all the pumpkin faces!

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