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Tips for Celebrating Halloween in an Apartment Community

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Lifestyle October 27, 2015

All around the country, trees are shedding leaves, pumpkin spice lattes are appearing on coffee shop menus, and just about every grocery store seems to be overflowing with bags of candy corn and miniature chocolate bars. It’s officially Halloween season. Whether you have kids of your own or you’re simply a kid at heart, there’s no denying that October 31st is one of the most anticipated days of the year. And if you live in a Greystar apartment community, there’s no shortage of ways to have a scary good time while staying safe and being respectful of neighbors who might not partake in the celebrations.

Follow these eight helpful guidelines during your festivities for a Halloween that’s wickedly fun for the whole family!

1. Learn about community events and contests.

Ask your apartment community manager about recommended times for trick-or-treating and about on-site Halloween events and mixers. Some communities even offer pumpkin-carving and pet costume contests that are hosted on social media!

2. Always trick-or-treat in a group.

It’s true what they say: There’s safety in numbers. No matter how much experience your child has with trick-or-treating or the size of your apartment community, going alone is simply not an option. If your little goblin is 13 or above and shows responsible behavior, making the rounds with a few peers is likely just fine. However, if your child is 12 or under, parental supervision is recommended. Tag along a few paces behind them if they’re craving more independence!

3. Make sure that you’re visible.

This tip is especially important if you’re going to be out and about after dusk. Carry a flashlight, and if your clothing or costume is dark, apply reflective tape to ensure that drivers can see you with ease.

4. Avoid wearing masks.

It’s not enough to make sure that others can see you – you need to be able to see them as well! Masks can significantly reduce peripheral vision and make it harder to breathe, so opt for costume makeup instead.

5. Dress for comfort and safety.

Sorry, Cinderella – glass slippers are just not going to cut it. Make sure that everyone in your party is wearing comfortable shoes to reduce the chances of slips and falls – especially if you’ll be climbing stairs. Additionally, hem costumes so that they don’t drag on the ground and create a tripping hazard (looking at you, Grim Reaper!).

6. Make it clear if you welcome visitors.

Not everyone celebrates Halloween, so indicating whether or not you welcome trick-or-treaters can be extremely helpful. If you’ve got baskets of candy waiting inside, decorate your door or contact your leasing office to get a Halloween-themed doorknob hanger. If you would rather not have visitors stopping by, tape a quick, polite note to your door.

7. Check candy before chowing down.

Be sure to thoroughly inspect all treats before initiating your sugar rush. Discard any items that have damaged wrappers, are past their expiration date or appear suspicious.

8. Be mindful of food allergies.                         

For kids with food allergies, Halloween can be less than sweet. If you’d like to signal that you’re handing out non-food items such as stickers, crayons or temporary tattoos, place a teal-painted pumpkin on your doorstep as part of the FARE Teal Pumpkin Project.

From all of us here at Greystar, Happy Halloween!

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