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5 Renter Friendly Halloween Decoration Ideas

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Lifestyle October 20, 2021

Halloween is almost here and it’s time to deck to halls with spiders, ghosts, and ghouls – oh my! You can choose a horror theme that will have your guests jumping out of their pants or a more family friendly vibe with clever, spooky-cute décor items. Whichever you choose, impress your friends at your upcoming Halloween party with these five renter-friendly Halloween decoration ideas that won’t give your bank account a fright.

1. Pumpkin Flower Vases
If you opt in for a subtle and cute Halloween decoration approach, these pumpkin flower vases are unique compared to the traditional Jack O’ Lantern or painted pumpkin. You can place these inside your home or on your porch for the passersby to admire and use either fake flowers for longevity or real flowers from your local market.

2. Motion Activated Halloween Fiends
Turn your place into a mini haunted house for your next Halloween party with motion activated Halloween decorations placed in inconspicuous areas of your apartment, like in your guest bathroom or in a corner of the living area that isn’t so obvious. When your guests happen to walk in the line of activation, they’ll surely jump with surprise.
On Halloween day, you can have a motion activated fiend on your doorstep to spook trick-or-treaters as they pass by!  

3. Dry Ice and Smoke Machines
Set the mood with the illusion that a dark, ominous fog has crept into your home along with creepy Halloween music from your favorite horror movie playing in the background – just like you’d see at the neighborhood haunted houses. Fog machines and dry ice can create the perfect ambiance at your Halloween party and set the aesthetic for perfect Halloween-inspired Instagram photos. 

4. Scary Amounts of Sweets
Take advantage of the fact that Halloween is the one time of year when stocking up and munching on sweets is highly encouraged, if not mandatory. If you’re at a loss on how to decorate for Halloween, you can always flood your counter-tops, tables, and cauldrons with sweet treats for all to enjoy and admire. You can get creative with eyeball cake pops, a Halloween candy charcuterie board, and Halloween cupcakes – the choices are endless!

5. Dramatic Door Decorations
It may seem like you’re limited for decorating when you’re renting a property, but you can have so much fun transforming your front door into a unique portal entry to a terrifying haunted house. If your door is green or brown you can turn it into a Frankenstein masterpiece, or wrap it up so it appears to look like a big-eyed mummy, transform it into a hungry monster, or keep it classy with a cute Halloween wreath

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