Earth Day Celebrations

How Greystar Communities Celebrated Earth Day

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Greystar Green May 25, 2015

On April 22nd, our post titled, How to celebrate Earth Day at your apartment community,” encouraged all Greystar managed apartment communities to host an event or create an Earth Day project for their communities. We were thrilled to see so many communities take part in the celebration and the events they hosted on Earth Day.

Here are some incredible events and projects the teams promoted: 

La Rochelle-New Rochelle, NY –Residents were encouraged to donate $2 to a great cause such as: Camp Hope and St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. In return, they helped their residents go green by providing a large re-usable tote bag . A simple gift such as reusable bag reduces the number of plastic and paper bags for every day chores like grocery shopping.

Residences at 4225, Phoenix, AZ –In addition to providing a clean, organic breakfast, the team at Residences at 4225 gave out a flyer titled, “5 ways to save the planet from your kitchen.”  

  1. Cut down on waste-35 million tons of food are discarded yearly (half of which are fruits and vegetables). Only purchase what you will use before it expires, and start a compost pile. Learn more about composting at
  2. Grow your own food and buy locally-The farther distributors have to go to deliver food, the more fuel they use, and as result creates 17x more carbon dioxide emissions.)
  3. Get Seafood Savvy-Of the 90% of seafood that the U.S. imports, ½ are from fish farms in Asia and Latin America. What you didn’t know is that Farm-raised seafood creates a lot of polluted water.
  4. Stay away from packaged foods- ½ of the 251 tons of trash America produces is packing. Prepare food that you normally would buy in a box, bottle, can or plastic container. Not only are you saving the environment but promoting a healthier diet as well.  You can control the amount of sodium and ingredients that go into each and every one of your meals!
  5. Go meatless occasionally-raising livestock takes up about 30% of the world’s land mass and roughly 5,000 gal/1lb of meat and2x-4x more energy than grains and vegetables.

Promenade at Boiling Springs, Boiling Springs, SC –Residents at the Promenade at Boiling Springs were encouraged to volunteer for a community trash pick-up day. They were assigned to specific areas around the community. In return, volunteers were given soil pots and flower seeds.

Avana Grand Palms, Webster, TX-The team at Grand Palms put together a Paint and Plant fun event. Around the rim of the clay pots, they wrote, “With these hands we promise to save earth” and decorated the pots with their hand prints. What a beautiful way to get residents of all ages involved!

These were only a few of the brilliant activities our teams had put on for the official Earth Day, but we encourage everyone to celebrate Earth every day! As a community, we should incessantly promote a greener, more sustainable environment. 

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