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How to Create a Great Outdoor Living Space for Your Apartment

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Lifestyle April 28, 2014

Spring has sprung, and Greystar residents have begun to beautify their balconies and patios. Many of our apartments for rent feature private outdoor spaces that offer room for relaxing in the sunshine and enjoying balmy breezes. Looking for creative apartment decorating ideas on how to make your balcony or patio an outdoor retreat? Here are a few ways to maximize that space this spring:


Plants add a pop of color to outdoor spaces. With a little creativity, you can fit a lot of different types onto your balcony, even if you only have a small area.

Stack, or with your community manager’s approval, hang plants at different levels to take advantage of vertical space and avoid cluttering the ground with planters. Traditional hanging planters also help to maximize space. Just be sure that your apartment community allows for you to use hooks for hanging plants, and be sure to hang them securely.

An antique wooden ladder propped against a wall works well as shelves for potted plants. Put plants that enjoy lots of sunlight on the upper rungs and those that prefer the shade closer to the bottom.

Hanging herb gardens are another excellent way to add green to the vertical space on your balcony, and the plants they produce taste as good as they look. Herbs such as mint, basil, thyme and cilantro are always favorites.

TIP: Be thoughtful when watering plants on your balcony so as not to overwater and potentially impact the space of a neighbor below you.


Pick functional, comfortable furniture that is weather-proof and fits on your balcony or patio without overcrowding it. Lighter colors help to open up a smaller area, so keep that in mind while choosing the right furniture for your apartment’s décor.

A standard balcony setup typically includes two chairs and a small table, but it’s a good idea to have a few folding chairs stored inside in case you sometimes need more outdoor seating for when you’re entertaining guests.


Decorations add unique personality to a space. Find a few simple pieces for your balcony or patio that make you smile and the space feel like it’s truly yours.

If you’re allowed to hang hooks, put up a wind chime so that you can enjoy the soothing sounds.  Festive strings of lights, if approved by your community manager, add a touch of warmth to the space by night. An outdoor rug or mat adds even more personality to the mix and also gives you and your guests a place to wipe off dirt – or bird seed – before entering your home.

If you’re feeling fun, find a few knickknacks that really speak to your individual taste to add some eclectic charm to your apartment balcony or patio. Some popular garden accessories include cheeky gnomes, decorative water pitchers or stones and signs displaying welcoming quotes.

Apply these balcony décor ideas to your space and soon you’ll have a haven of relaxation to retreat to with your morning cup of coffee or evening cocktail.

*Always check with your community’s rules and regulations before implementing balcony decorating ideas to be sure that you’re in compliance with the terms of your lease.

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