Enhance Your Holiday Feasts with Fresh Flavors From Your Apartment Herb Garden

Contrary to popular belief, fall is actually one of the best times to grow herbs. And with all the holiday cooking you have coming up, there’s never been a better time to have fresh herbs to work with – and right at your fingertips. Step up your fall and winter (it starts on Dec. 21) feasts with some fresh flavors from your very own garden.   

Whether you’re working with an apartment balcony, small backyard or even just a window sill near your kitchen, there are plenty of ways to grow a successful herb garden – no matter how limited your space is. Go traditional with mini flower pots labeled with each herb, or maximize your space with a multi-tier hanging herb garden. If you want to get creative, convert a door hanging shoe rack into a vertical garden. 

No matter what your setup is, you’ll want to stock up on these herbs that will thrive during the coming fall and mild winter months: 

Chives grown at an apartment

Chives: Members of the Onion Family 

Prized for their delicate taste, chives are a great choice when it comes to adding some greenery to your space. They flourish best in full sun, so choose a spot where they will receive maximum exposure. Make sure you plant your chives in moist, yet well-draining soil. 

Tasty Treasures

Add an element of surprise to your traditional holiday sides with these chive-friendly recipes: from Rasa Malaysia 

Cilantro grown at an apartment

Cilantro: A Distinct Flavor 

While the origins of this herb are unclear, cilantro’s distinct taste leaves no question. Encourage the growth of fuller body plants by pinching back young cilantro plants an inch or so. You should also clip off any developing flower buds or seedpods to ensure continued leaf growth. Have an existing flower bed? Cilantro can be added as an edible edging around your current garden. 

Tasty Treasures

Celebrate the season with a flavorful feast complemented by this polarizing herb: 

Mint grown at an apartment

Mint: Not Just for Mojitos 

The benefits of mint go far beyond its refreshing taste, making it a great addition to any garden. This fragrant herb requires a light mulch and minimum care, perfect for the black thumb in your family. If you’re growing mint in a confined container, however, consider topdressing it with a light layer of compost or organic fertilizer every few months.    

Tasty Treasures

Shake things up with these refreshing seasonal side dishes:   

Parsley grown at an apartment

Parsley: Rich in Vitamins K,C and A 

The crisp taste and distinct texture of parsley make it an obvious addition to any herb garden. In addition to being planted in a rich, moist soil with a pH between 5.5 and 6.7, parsley should be regularly fertilized with a liquid plant food to boost future growth. Parsley can also be added to an existing flower bed. 

Tasty Treasures

Perfect your hostess game with these parsley-inspired recipes: 

Rosemary grown at an apartment

Rosemary: A Member of the Mint Family 

Rosemary is often smelled before its seen. This low-maintenance plant will make even the most novice gardeners feel like pros. All rosemary needs is sunlight, ample air circulation and good drainage to thrive. While rosemary can survive in mild winters, make sure you bring it inside if temperatures get below 30°F. 

Tasty Treasures

Add a rich taste to your Thanksgiving feast with these unrivaled rosemary recipes: 

Sage grown at an apartment

Sage: A Pinch of Flavor Across the Globe 

Sweet yet savory, sage provides a pinch of flavor to a variety of meals. It thrives best in medium to full sun, so if you’re growing it inside, make sure you choose a window that gets lots of light. Be sure to water your sage regularly, especially after first planting it to ensure it doesn’t dry out.

Tasty Treasures

This culinary herb can serve as the superstar and side dish in your next flavorful meal with these seasonal recipes: 

Thyme grown at an apartment

Thyme: For When You’re Limited on Time 

While there are many different varieties of thyme, the majority are drought-resistant, so you’ll only need to do a thorough watering session when the soil is completely dry. Use your thyme as a companion plant with rosemary and other herbs that flourish in the sun. 

Tasty Treasures

Get ready for some timeless and tasty recipes: 

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