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Lifestyle November 18, 2016

Meal planning is a helpful way to enjoy homemade meals that are high in nutrition and won’t break the bank. The more interested in cooking you become, the more these food storage hacks will come in handy. We have put together some of the best food storage hacks to help your ingredients stay fresher longer and allow you to get more use out of them. Some of these tips might seem bizarre at first, but they have been proven time and time again to let you get more out of your ingredients.

  • Treat some ingredients like flowers

Much like flowers, there are certain ingredients that can stay fresh longer by cutting their stems and storing them in a vase with some water at the bottom. Try storing asparagus, scallions, and certain herbs this way to prevent them from going bad in between meals.

  • Sweet from vinegar

If you have some berries on hand that you want to preserve, try creating a mixture of water and vinegar to keep them tasting fresh longer. Combine 3 cups vinegar with 1 cup water (or keep that ratio for larger batches) and soak the berries for five minutes before storing them. This will keep them juicy and sweet longer.

  • Crispness is a paper towel

Do you love crisp lettuce? You can actually keep that delicious crisp taste by washing your greens right away and then wrapping them in a paper towel. The paper towel will whisk away any excess moisture and allow you to enjoy your greens longer. You can also put lettuce in a hard container like a Tupperware box to keep them fresh even longer. 

  • Put herbs on ice

Fresh herbs can add up quickly at the cash register, so you want to get the most use out of them. When you think your herbs are nearing the end of their shelf life, chop them up and mix them with olive oil. Put this mixture in an ice cube tray and freeze them into easy-to-use seasoning cubes.

  • Pay attention to where things are stored

When you are arranging your refrigerator, be mindful of where you store things. Milk and eggs in particular will keep longer if you put them in the center of the refrigerator instead of the door. The refrigerator door is one of the most inconsistent places in the refrigerators in terms of temperature management.

On top of these tips, consider investing in some plastic containers to store dry goods for longer. Plastic containers can easily stack in pantry spaces to save room. With proper storage and airtight seals, you can keep dry goods for a long time.

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