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Greystar Green: Food that Regrows Itself

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Greystar Green January 25, 2017

Arguably, one of the most important food groups is vegetables. At Greystar, we encourage healthy habits, especially making healthy food choices to our team members, communities and residents. Greystar Green is as much about helping to ensure we are living our best lives as well as giving back to the planet.

Per the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, we should be eating 13 servings of fruits and vegetables each day! Due to how important vegetables are, we are always going back and forth from the grocery store to buy fresh produce for us and our families to eat every day. This can add up each week, especially if you are buying organic. It is highly recommended that many of your fruits and vegetables are purchased locally and/or organically to reduce the quantity of chemicals and preservatives we put into our bodies. You can do this easily and with a smaller price tag if you have a farmer’s market near you. If you do not have access to a local farmer’s market, purchasing organic produce can often come at a higher price tag, but there is good news. You can save time and money by growing some your own veggies right in your apartment.

Almost magically, many vegetables can regrow themselves. You simply need to keep the scraps from the vegetables such as the bulb of celery, the ends of your green onions, ginger root that you no longer need to use, a garlic bulb and even the top of a pineapple! You can find some more vegetables that have the ability to regrow in your apartment as well as tips on how to grow and take care of them here.

Along with re-growing food from scraps, you can add this to your beautiful apartment garden. Or even cook the vegetables up with your own dried herbs to make a flavorful meal as a side dish for the upcoming holidays or for Meatless Monday!

There are so many great ways to enjoy vegetables, especially this time of year! Look here for some great inspiration for your holiday dishes.

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