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Grow Your Own Garden Right Outside Your Window

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Greystar Green July 26, 2013

If you’ve gone green, chances are you buy local produce and goods from merchants in your area. While that’s good for the environment, something else you can do – something that many people also find enjoyable – is starting your own small container garden right outside your window or on your balcony. You don’t need years of experience or a green thumb, and you’ll be growing foods you can eat and use in recipes in just a few months.

Choose Your Container

When selecting a container, you need to consider what you’re growing. Metal baskets, pails, and wooden boxes are ideal for easy to grow foods like lettuce and Persian cucumbers. Berries, herbs, and onions work well, too.  Whatever type of container you choose, make sure it has holes in the bottom for proper draining and is secured against wind and other weather.

Use Potting Mix

You can use regular soil, but potting mix contains more nutrients, and they’ll help your plants get enough water and air, even if you really don’t have that green thumb. Consider a slow release organic potting mix to keep your container garden green and healthy.

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