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How Does a Product Earn an ENERGY STAR?

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Greystar Green September 18, 2013

The ENERGY STAR rating was designed to help reduce greenhouse emissions and other pollutants associated with the manufacture of all devices that use energy. While most people are familiar with, and probably already own ENERGY STAR rated products, many don’t really know how a product earns an ENERGY STAR.

How Do Products Qualify?

Products must meet consumer demands and work efficiently like non-ENERGY STAR products, along with increased energy efficiency.

ENERGY STAR products that cost more money to purchase must save consumers money in the long run. For example, an ENERGY STAR rated air conditioner might cost $75 more, but save the average user more than $75 over a reasonable amount of time.

Products must contribute to significant energy savings nationwide to qualify for an ENERGY STAR category.


ENERGY STAR standards change over time (to higher efficiency), and are always designed to exceed federal minimum efficiency standards. ENERGY STAR ratings change often based on advances in technology that allow for increased efficiency. For example, a product given an ENERGY STAR rating five years ago may not qualify today, and manufacturers must keep current with the ratings and labeling.

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