Filling Your Apartment With Socially Responsible Decor

Sustainable practices can help apartment tenants reduce consumption for a happier and healthier environment, but smart purchasing is also important.

Here is how to purchase socially responsible decor:

  • Purchasing vintage items at estate sales, garage sales, flea markets and vintage stores is an excellent method for picking up items that can be found nowhere else. Purchasing vintage tends to cost less,and good for the environment. Vintage items can even turn out to be more valuable than their owners might expect.
  • Choosing local manufacturers is another good method to cut back on the cost to environment. Transportation costs are no longer a concern, and it’s easier for consumers to vet local businesses than their national or even international counterparts.
  • Reading up on their policies is a good method for gauging businesses. Check for their stances on topics ranging from child labor to minimum wages and overtime. Check to see if these businesses are capable of upholding their policies.
  • Certification from non-profits such as the Forest Stewardship Council are good for confirming socially responsible practices.
  • Using the Freecycle network helps keep usable items out of landfills.