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Don’t Lose Your Cool During the Hot August Nights

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Lifestyle August 1, 2014

Despite the heat, outdoor activities are definitely “where it’s at” this time of year. People are flocking to summertime attractions in numbers never seen before, and it’s important to consider implementing sunburn and heatstroke preventions if you’re among them. There are so many activities to take part in at Greystar communities this time of year, and it’s vital to stay safe while participating. Thankfully, avoiding a sunburn is much easier than deciding exactly what to do this summer.

One of the easiest ways Greystar residents can keep their cool is also the simplest… just avoid the sun. A great way to enjoy everything your city has to offer without wearing yourself out in the heat is simply participating in indoor activities during the day and venturing out on the town at night. Likewise, exercising your pets early in the morning or late at night can protect them from the rising temperatures as well.

Of course, the importance of hydration cannot be stressed enough, as heat absorption via the sun and hot air can be extreme. It seems like such a simple thing, but by just drinking water when you’re thirsty, you can stay healthy and avoid the risks of becoming dehydrated. A headache, lightheadedness, dry skin, thirst and a dry mouth are all signs of mild dehydration, which needs to be addressed immediately before it becomes severe. So, drink up!

The summer heat can cause utility bills to skyrocket right with the mercury in your thermometer, but a few tips can keep your wallet topped off for a night out. Shutting your blinds, doors and windows at all times will keep your Greystar apartment home cooler, meaning your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard. Raising the thermostat temperature during the day can reduce cooling costs as well. This also allows you to crank up the AC all night long, guilt free!

Staying hydrated at outdoor events is vital to avoiding heatstroke and heat rash, as is keeping bare skin adequately covered. The shoulder, neck and upper back areas are particularly vulnerable to sunburn, just like the tops of the ears and nose.

If you’re lucky enough to reside in a Greystar residence like Avana West Lemmon, Bella Vista Apartments or Bridges at Kendall Place, taking a dip in your community pool is the perfect way to chill out on a hot day. Naturally, staying safe while swimming is just as important as taking precautions for preventing heat exhaustion, so don’t let your guard down despite the fun. Staying under the shaded awnings at your pool and wearing waterproof sunscreen can reduce your chances of a painful, peeling sunburn. And sunglasses should definitely be required equipment for any sunbather.

Following these simple tips will keep your health up, energy costs down and family and friends safely entertained.

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