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May Is Water Safety Month - Practice Poolside Safety This Summer

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Lifestyle May 23, 2014

Summer is here and things are heating up! Many of our Greystar apartment communities offer refreshing, resort-style sundecks and swimming pools where residents enjoy cooking out and cooling off. While apartment swimming pools are excellent retreats and happening hangout spots this time of year, it’s important to remember that any body of water can become dangerous if proper precautions aren’t taken.

We want everyone to enjoy a wonderful time poolside. As a tribute to Water Safety Month, here are helpful apartment living tips on pool safety:

  • Read posted apartment pool rules and adhere to them.
  • Be aware that most apartment pools are not supervised by a lifeguard on duty. Be proactive about safety and note where life-saving equipment is located around the pool so that you can quickly grab it if you see a swimmer in distress.
  • Bring your cell phone to the pool so that you can make an emergency 911 call if necessary. Put it in a plastic baggy if you’re concerned about it getting wet.
  • Young kids and teens are at the highest risk for drowning. Always supervise children around any body of water. Do not rely on flotation equipment to keep them safe. Although inflatable armbands and life jackets can aid with keeping children afloat, they are not a fail-safe method of preventing death by drowning. Keep in mind that even if your children are considered strong swimmers, it is still important to watch them closely while they play in the pool. Be sure to brief your babysitters on the importance of constant supervision around the pool.
  • Alcohol negatively influences balance, coordination and judgment and its effects are heightened by the sun. Keep this in mind and drink responsibly (or ideally not at all) while in and around the pool. Remember, no glass containers around the pool and never swim alone.
  • Pay close attention to marked depths and obey all no-diving zones.
  • Do not swim close to drains or suction fittings.
  • Do not run around the pool, or allow your children to run around the pool. Water, as we all know, makes things wet – and wet things are slippery! Consequently, the area around the pool will often be slick in the summertime.

Drowning is a very preventable cause of death, so let’s all pull together to prevent it whenever possible. Stay safe while soaking up sunny poolside days and you’ll have a splash all summer long.

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