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Your Apartment and Living Situations as Defined by Your Favorite Sitcom

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For Residents December 20, 2019
Your favorite sitcoms are often reflections of your life and the people closest to you. We all have an ally like Phoebe from Friends or know a Ted from How I Met Your Mother, right? You may even be the Frasier Crane of your group.

Have you ever thought about your favorite sitcom character’s living situation and how it could be similar to yours? Many popular shows feature characters who live in apartments, some of which might seem a little above their means. However, they are reflections of the many apartment types in the Greystar portfolio. Whether you’re looking for a high rise with deluxe amenities or a studio in a desired location, Greystar has an option perfect for your living situation. 

Two-Bedroom Apartment With Your Closest Friends (Friends)

The apartments in Friends are unique in size and scale, especially for New York City. As the show ages, it truly becomes a time capsule of the 1990s. The likelihood of living next door to your closest friends is slim, but becoming roommates or living in the same city as them is more likely. The benefits of an apartment situation like this are obvious. Regularly seeing the people you like the most is as good as it gets. You know you get along with them, so seeing them a lot is a no brainer. And, with them being so close, you don’t have to struggle to make new friends in a new city.

The biggest negative is that you and your friends may grow apart over time. It is possible to have too much of a good thing, and your friends could be that good thing. From an overexposure of quality time to bad habits like unwashed dishes, these situations can drive a wedge in your relationship. It comes down to what kind of roommate you want to be and what type of roommate they’re going to be.

Two-Bedroom Apartment Above Your Favorite Bar (How I Met Your Mother)

We all have a spot we like to frequent. For the cast of Friends, it was Central Perk, but for the group on How I Met Your Mother, it was McLaren’s Pub. Imagine living above your favorite bar. You’d never have to worry about getting a ride home, you could always easily escape your roommates, and your friends always know where to find you. Another benefit is that the staff knows your name and regular order. Similar to the Friends’ apartment, this one has two bedrooms and is in New York City. 

The downside is when you realize you’ve spent way too much time at a bar because you live so close. The regular visits may affect your health negatively, and you might find yourself growing weary of the old watering hole. You’ll also encounter intoxicated bar patrons regularly.

Condo Apartment Within View of Your City’s Skyline (Frasier)

Frasier was one of the smartest sitcoms on TV, and it also featured one of television’s most stylish apartments. Dr. Frasier Crane’s Seattle condo featured a lot of open space and a modern design. The apartment had ample room and a balcony overlooking the Seattle skyline. This apartment is the perfect home for hosting parties, having guests over, or enjoying your personal space. Also, did we mention it’s pet-friendly?

The biggest negative of this kind of apartment is the fact that it’s too perfect. A corner condo apartment with three bedrooms, four baths, and a balcony overlooking the Seattle skyline would cost a fortune. Unfortunately, one or more of the amenities within this apartment have got to go, unless you’re willing to drop a pretty penny for it. However, if you’re a famous radio psychiatrist, you could probably make it work. 

Loft-Style Apartment with Roommates You Found Online (New Girl)

So, your living situation has changed, and now you have to find readily available roommates like yesterday. Thank goodness for the internet. With a number of online tools, you can find new roommates just like Jess did in the New Girl. Slowly becoming best friends, getting into hijinks, and living in a spacious loft in Los Angeles sounds like the millennial dream. A loft provides a unique space to gather with your new roommates. You’ll never feel bad about not spending time with your roommates because you’re not friends with them.

The negative is that you roll the dice when living with strangers. Although some view this as a benefit, this situation can be risky, and you could find yourself in a difficult situation. As much as we’d love the idea of becoming best friends with your brand-new roommates, your best-case scenario is that they’re not terrible people, and you can put up with their personality quirks. 

The apartments on TV and their living situations are exaggerated for comedy, so the likelihood you’ll experience the same situation or living in a similar floor plan is unlikely. However, it’s nice to relate to the characters we see on TV. You might not live with someone particularly clean as Monica, but you’ve been around someone who has chastised you for your cleaning habits. You may not live above your favorite bar, but you may have lived close to your favorite fast-food restaurant. So if you had to choose an apartment and living situation from your favorite sitcom, which would you pick? Who knows, maybe you can find the real-life equivalent of that apartment

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