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6 Essential Etiquette Tips for Greystar’s Gyms

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Written by Andrea Davis
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Edited by Sarah Claire Eleazer
For Residents March 20, 2024

Welcome to the world of apartment fitness centers, where the weights are heavy and the sweat is real. Using dumbbells, practicing yoga, and running on a treadmill takes a lot more than just physical strength; it requires a delicate dance of social grace to ensure everyone can work on their fitness goals without feeling uncomfortable or disrupted.

So grab your towel and water bottle as we embark on a quest to decode the six unwritten rules for mastering proper gym etiquette.

Rule #1: Mind Your Sweat

Always bring a towel to your workout as a shield against perspiration. After an intense workout, make sure to take a moment to wipe down any used equipment. Your workout should leave a positive mark, not a puddle. A dry bench is a happy bench, and your fellow gym-goers will appreciate the effort in maintaining a clean and comfortable space. 


A woman resting with a towel over her shoulders, wiping sweat from her forehead after a workout.

Rule #2: Re-Rack Responsibly

Ever asked yourself, "Where's my dumbbell?" It could be lost in the chaos of misplaced weights. Be a gym hero by ensuring your weights find their way home after use. If your superhero powers are in full force, go the extra mile and assist with weights left behind by the less etiquette-inclined. A tidy gym guarantees a smoother workout experience for everyone. 


Close-up of hands selecting dumbbells from a weight rack in a gym.

Rule #3: No Phones Mid-Set

In the gym, chatting on the phone is a big no. This rule is a subtle but essential reminder that a little consideration goes a long way. Beyond affecting personal focus, distractions like this can disrupt the collective energy of the entire workout space. Stay in the zone! Keep your conversations silent while you’re working out.


"Smiling man in a red tank top with headphones around his neck, taking a phone call in the gym.

Rule #4: Mirror Manners

While gym mirrors reflect our progress and hard work, striking the right balance is important. Consider your fellow exercisers as co-occupants in this visual space. Uphold the unspoken agreement to share this reflective real estate, guaranteeing everyone fair access. So as you appreciate your hard work, remember to keep it in check.


A woman in a white workout top and grey leggings stands facing a mirror, hands on hips, in a brightly lit gym.


Rule #5: Stick to Deodorant

Choose deodorant over a strong fragrance spray to avoid affecting others in your workout space. If your scent can be detected from a mile away, it might be time to dial it down a notch. Keep your workout environment pleasant by allowing your endorphins to outshine any overpowering scents.


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Rule #6: Cardio Courtesy

When it comes to cardio, sticking to unspoken rules is a must. So, lace up those sneakers, cue up your favorite playlist, and make it happen. Remember, your workout is more than just a sweat session; it's important to navigate your cardio routine quickly so others can use the equipment. At the end of your session, make sure to wipe down your machine for the next person.


Elderly man with a white beard running on a treadmill in the foreground, with more people exercising in the background.
Remember, in the fitness etiquette game, it's not just about lifting weights – it's about lifting each other up. Keep those good vibes flowing, headphones untangled, and tread lightly during your next workout.

Before hitting the gym, make sure to connect with your Greystar apartment community team. They can provide details on specific rules for your property’s fitness center.

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