Jodi Bearden Greystar Leader

Executive Director
Global Enterprise Services Leader


Corporate Office
Charleston, SC 29403
T: 843.579.9400


Jodi Bearden is an Executive Director at Greystar and leads the company’s Enterprise Services platform. A member of the Greystar Executive Committee and the founder and leader of Enterprise Services, Jodi develops resources and functional operations to sustain the organization’s global growth while enhancing team member experiences. The primary focus of the Enterprise Services team is to build out the core functions that support all of Greystar’s businesses and ensure their efforts are aligned across Greystar’s global vision. 

Jodi maintains management oversight of the six departments comprising the Enterprise Services platform, each working to provide holistic support to Greystar’s Property Management, Development and Construction, and Investment Management businesses by implementing clear accountability and measurable standards. Under Jodi’s leadership, the Enterprise team has been critical in Greystar’s expansion into new countries as well as integration activities, including the acquisition of Alliance Residential’s Property Management business in 2020. The team is also responsible for managing the organization’s global response to the COVID-19 pandemic and addressing diversity, equality, and inclusion efforts across the company.

Prior to her promotion to launch and lead the Enterprise Services group in 2019, Jodi led the firm’s investment accounting and global practice teams, both instrumental functions in the company’s international expansion efforts. Before joining Greystar in 2014, Jodi was a Managing Director at Jamestown, where she oversaw the accounting and financial reporting for all the company’s properties, funds, and ventures. 

Jodi holds a bachelor’s of science in Accounting from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte.

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